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Any other stigydaryx users?

Just curious does anyone else here use daryx on their team?

Now that Ardent can bleed I might, but I just don’t have it yet. I’m working on Geminititan for the smilonemys raid

I know there used to be someone here who used Daryx religiously. But he gone.

I think he just used fliers in general

I do. I always have. I like Stygidaryx and it’s my go to swap-based dinosaur. Every Strike Team needs one and since he insures that my opponent can’t swap out their dinosaur, most of the time and can bleed and usually can help me out with certain annoyances I like keeping it on the Strike Team. Especially when it teams up with my Spinonyx I love watching the double Lethal Wound. Especially when someone thinks they’re in the clear because they’ve just cleaned the first Lethal Wound then here comes the next.


@DadJokes says hi

I still do, but I’m still on the fence between Constrictor and Daryx. I haven’t even boosted her.

I’d say daryx. I use Spino myself, and with the new evasive stance and ID, it just doesn’t work as well as it used to. I used to be able to start some bleeding against things like tryko, but with Daryx, you can bait out the Impact with SII, and cleansing swoop it away, or lethal then cleanse. Spino just dies in this meta, as it is mainly cunning. So if I were you, I’d go Daryx

Yep. Gonna be boosting her health soon and make her an absolute nightmare for Maxima


Who’s gone?

I do, but mostly cos it’s my favourite looking Dino in the game, doesn’t win me loads of battles :grinning:

Daryx is great.

You gotta use it wisely so it doesn’t wreck your whole team but its a great guy to use.

I do
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Can’t maxima just swap out ?

Yes and no. Depends on if the 67% resistance to swap prevention sticks

Using it right now. Just waiting a big push to fuse to reach level 29.

Reached max score on 5550 with her unboosted.

It is quite useful on several aspects but her lack of speed makes her suffer. Overall when ultraspeed Thors appear.

I use her in a risky way. Enter against a Triko (decel attack) and hope x2 doesn’t crit to go out bleeding and entering with a fresh Zor or Magna.

Then, I thought on speeding her up to be able to deal or at least make Erlidoms and Magnas suffer more before being defeated

I tried her but she’s underwhelming unfortunately max eat her in 2 hits unless you lead with it and vs D.O.T immunes it dies very fast without doing much at all

I run stygidaryx as well