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Any reason to bank up loyalty points?

Basically the title, I’m a non vip so I don’t get bonus points for the 3x weeks, and some more vip creatures would definitely help my lineup, so is there any reason to not spend the 10k for a pack as soon as I can? Assuming I have an open hatchery a lot of course. Thanks for the input and sorry for the noob question :slight_smile:

I say no. If you’re a VIP then yes, if not then no.


If you need a certain VIP creature to make a L20 or LXX, it can be worth it to spend 20K LP on the guaranteed pack.

As a non-VIP you won’t be able to get 20K LP in one week. (It might be very hard to get 10K LP in one week with out doing a lot of dino->LP custom trades.)

So, I could see keeping a 20K stash and buying 10K packs when you hit 30K LP.


I would echo what @Timmah has said, if you want to take advantage the 20k packs when they are offered it wouldn’t be a bad thought to stack some up as a reserve. Now there are times where I feel like I have seen where everyone gets 2x LP and VIP get 4x so potentially saving some for the possibility of an event like that happening wouldn’t be the worst idea.


There was a week where I achieved this

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