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Any reason user name needed to change?

image What’s the possible reason this happen after as leader of my alliance, informing 3 players to collect their mission reward as i will remove them.
I assure there isn’t any rude message from me as leader of my alliance.

I had this after 7 months, contacted support they said because it contained some of my real name…

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But since day one i used this name, only after i informed the players on my decision, immediately i get this.
Can player just flag me like this?

Sarahsaurusrex is okay, and I’m Sarah-Jane lol

Mine was fine for the first 7 months, seriously then 4 months ago it just happened, i think if they notice they make you change it,

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Yeah its odd i asked why? They just said it contained a portion of my real name,
I gave up trying to get answer as theres thousends of names that contain bits of real names… I mean look at the leaderboard :joy::joy:


The timing of the notification is just too coincident with what’s happening then.

I have no reasonable explination, they juat kept telling me it can’t contain anything thats like my real name

Look at some of the names in the game…
I mean the winner of a couple of the seasons actually starts his name with his name…

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Isn’t this should be notified when we were creating our user name?
If it is approved it should be ok right?

Privacy policy says u can’t have any part of your real name in ur ign. Assuming that’s part of ur real name

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How do they take that as my real name then?

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No idea. Not sure man. I had to change my name before and was literally nothing wrong. Name was trainwreck23

Probably somebody that was mad they lost and they reported/flagged your name. I know @Idgt902 has had his name reported before


No idea either, i mean “name” is so subjective, unless all names has to have numeric numbers, or symbols, how do they say this name is “real”?

So a player who is “angry” can just flag another player? without any reason and the support team will just take action on the player being reported? That would be crazy isn’t it?


I mean that makes sense,

But when i opened support over it they said it cannot contain any part of your real name,
But im guessing hundreds of names contain parts of people’s real names…

We have a mark in our alliance whos real name is mark…weird :joy: