Any social media besides in game chat?

Like most here the in game chat only makes your blood pressure go up if you try to use it.

The double edge sword of that is if your Alliance doesn’t use anything else except that. uuggg.

Is there a dis cord group set up for any players to join for general JWA discussions? If there is a main one most participate in you can shoot me an invite link via a DM here.

Thanks in advance.

I actually want to ask you a question. You mention an in game chat in J WA. Are you referring to alliance chat or is there another General chat where everyone from different alliances or ect can go and chat?

Referring to the Alliance chat. Our alliance doesn’t use anything else and I’m looking to see if there is any other chat set up like dis cord for players to use. I know FB has the jwa group page but let’s face it, it’s still FB.

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Kind of sounds like what you’re looking for is this forum lol.

Individual alliances can have their own discord or have a co op discord. I’m a part of both.

But a place where just anyone playing the game can come and chat is basically this forum.

A public discord for JWA players in general would be nice, a bit too much lack of freedom on here, you have NO idea of how much I have to limit what I talk about to make sure it will adhere to the forum rules lol.

I know on my discord anyone can talk about anything freely, only thing I don’t let be posted is porn for obvious reasons, I mean some of it can be pretty revolting and the best place for that kinda stuff is my PM hahahaha j/k! Emails fine :slight_smile: lol

Gamepress has a Discord server I believe. There is a JWA Discord that anyone can join.

There is a Facebook group that is quite lively.

For alliance, I use Telegram.

The alliance chat is an epic fail for what alliances need in order to work efficiently.

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@arugono only is the chat a fail but what leaders can view is a fail as well. Sure they gave us the last log in per 24 hour period but nothing else. We need more to run effective alliances as we wish.

I understand the problems that could come out of giving more data mainly a lot of players being kicked for being not active enough and tug o wars for the few good members.

That is still not an excuse to make running an alliance so meh. Given the amount of effort it takes to get the alliance.missions done, leaders need to know who is contributing how much.

Well there are casual alliances and hardcore alliances. The leader tools would help everyone get in where they fit in. You can’t be mad for getting kicked for not contributing. You get fired from work for not performing.