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Any storylines finished?

Are there any storylines that are finished? All of my matches are away. I played this game or app a long time ago. I want to say 6 months, maybe even a year ago. I don’t remember. What I do remember is that vitoria, and several other storylines were away even then. I came back hoping that they had finished them. But it doesn’t seem like they did.

So are there any stories that are actually finished?

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None of the storylines have been completed entirely, but some have progressed further than where they left off in WYS.

How long has the vitoria storyline been out? If my memory is correct, it’s been quite a while. And don’t know what WYS is.

WYS is What’s your story l, what Locelinknused to be apart of before it was made into its own app.

Victoria’s story has been out for some weeks now, sadly. Hopefully she’ll be back soon. I miss her story.

I thought that it’s been out for a lot longer than a few weeks. Hopefully they get it updated soon