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Any strategies for Saarv's Silverhand Item?

Like a lot of the Silverhand items and weapons, I like the idea of the Draw Attention mechanic because it’s not something I’ve seen before. I’m just not entirely sure how best to use it because - like a lot of SH - it seems pretty situation specific.

So far I’ve seen the following uses:

  • (the obvious) Help Saarv hit more when his SH triggers.
  • Repositioning enemies to; facilitate or hinder pulls/ pushes, drag them on to traps or cause a bottleneck with a large creature

So far I’m not feeling Saarv’s SH for PvP. Maybe the weapon when faced with someone who’s stacking their melee/ protecting their range but I can’t see the pro’s of Draw Attention during PvP.

I also can’t think of any other heroes who would benefit from having enemies stacked in a column (I don’t have access to Jarlax, Pickel or Cori so forgive me if they have column benefits, I can’t think of one though).

So far I can see myself taking the item dungeon crawling, it seems kinda decent for some crowd control tactics.

Does anyone have any other ideas for using Draw Attention?

P.S Can we please just borrow Hidden Forge Boss’s weapon?

Remember if you try to move something and it can’t be moved it takes damage instead. So after the first time it’s going to be extra damage to every target.

I think a mass PUSH would’ve been better than a PULL

It’s not a normal push or pull that changes what row the target is in. It’s one of the effects from the Forestfall Fen dragon, push to the center columns.

Oh, I hate it even more then.