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Any Strategy To Get Velociraptor DNA?


Now that T-Rex is from daily missions, I need suggestions to get more Velociraptor DNA.
Mine is at level 18 and I calculated now about 8000 DNA just to go level 20.
But as I see… I’ll need incredible 2000 DNA each Indoraptor fuse.

If I consider I am getting just about 2 or 3 Velociraptor a day (or “night”) around my house and I can’t walk/drive at night (security reasons)… it will last so long to get that Indoraptor.

Any suggestions? Ask for donation in Alliance doesn’t work, while everyone is looking for Velo.

Try to stay at Arena 7 and speedup incubators?
By the way… what is the chance to get those specific arena dinos from battle incubators? It seems is not guaranteed.

Or what?

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The strategy I used was to ask my alliance. They knew I was working for indoraptor and they were happy to help. There’s really no other strategies. If you can’t get the DNA from hunting or getting the right incubator, you need to be able to count on your friends.


I get quite a few with the 5/50 common capsules at night and even get a lucky kapro every now and then.


Playing night time and weeks when velo is featured are the only way. Don’t bother with opening incubators or looking for shortcuts. You will never get the dino you need from arena incubators. Even if you get lucky, incubator DNA won’t be enough to speed up your process.

Patience, just patience…


Can anyone drive you around at night? Or if you’re in an area with public transit, you can ride a bus for hours.


Not really a strategy, but epic strike towers offer a way as well, some are doable with mid range team lvl 18-20. In the recent epic tower strike, I got abt 4k+ velo dna. Tho muz say its very random.


Really the best and only option is night hunting… I went night hunting last night and darted more v-raptors than i have even seen in the last month with no night hunting. They are so common at night, as are tarbo, which are also very important for thor

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Thanx people, for all tips.

Go around at night is not an option really… I live in a violent city, at night only driving. Bus, walking, bike, etc., is not safe. I only wait for velo spawn inside my home circle, and I get 2 or 3 a day (night).

I’ll see what people could give me in alliance… i’ll offer other dnas in exchange.

So bad you confirm what I noticed here: arena incubators are so random. :frowning:

Thanx for that.


Be safe! You’ll get there slowly but surely.

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Keep the scent capsules (the 5 and 20 minutes ones) and use them in your home at night. This way, you can get two or three extra Velociraptors per day…

But it will take time anyways. Uniques take a lot of time and efforts to unlock. I play since last June, and only have two of the three “easier” to get…

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Where do you live @AndreMR


in a medium city in brazil.

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Oh Brazil Is dangerous. I’m from Argentina and I have the same problem, but it’s getting safer everyday, I know your pain bro

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From Brazil here too, not from a violent city compared to others, but it’s Brazil! So it’s dangerous anywhere at night :rofl:

In the past velociraptors were way more common to find… those who play since the beginning got a huge jump start on that… I get my DNA mostly from the Alliance

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yep, velo was easier… now it seems its spawn locations are shared with tarbo here.


Fixed. All the DNA grinding in the world won’t keep you from getting 10-10-10-10-10 ad naseum.

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I’m sure if you use even a common scent capsule at night more v raptors will appear for you! Good luck !


My velo is lvl 18 currently. The best way I found is to run through common scent capsules while watching TV or browsing on another device. It’s currently what I’m doing now in fact.

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If your moving with a scent running you get (almost) double the amount of dinos spawn


Unfortunately for at least me, I’m often unable to go out much later on at night, which means this is really my only option to push forward, no matter how inefficient it is