Any suggestion?

Here is my lineup. Do you have any recommendation what should I go next?
Mostly I use them for tournament and PvE.

Second question. My current level is around 74, as I remember when I was lv 69-70, PvE’s ferocity is around 4500-5000 and my top three of a lineup was maximum at 5565(indo rex). After I reached 73-74 and my lineup ferocity wasnt change much but PvE’s ferocity is around 5000-6500. Is that normal when I get at higher level while my ferocity is about the same? So, the PvE is harder, too?

How to avoid that because I dont want to take my ferocity go higher.

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I see that you’re making segnosuchus. I get the Tyrannosaurus Rex Gen 2 and the Tapejalosaurus but why Argentinosaurus?

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Maybe try to unlock Indoraptor?

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seems like you are already at pre indoraptor ferocity. With that being said basically use your monostego as marker. You could take it to lvl 10 but i wouldn’t go any higher until you are prepped and ready for indoraptor.

At your current ferocity you can make and do just about anything you want just keep it below that lvl 10 monostego for now.

No idea what you have unlocked but you should be looking at more end game hybrids at this point something that will carry you into the indoraptor ferocity jump but still have room to grow with your game should you keep bumping up your ferocity.

Segnosuchus, Metria hybrid, gorgosuchus, and a few high end herb hybrids pick your poison, I still like Armormata but you do you and or what you can with your unlocks.

IMO the only carno’s you should waste any DNA on at this point in your game are gen 2 i-rexes for indoraptor gen 2 other than that once you make indoraptors you won’t need much else and the army of lvl 20 I rex’s will serve you well until then, you could use another 10k raptor sDNA before making indoraptors. Would let you make a few of each.

hatch out some more of those herb shybrids keep them at lvl 10 for now, lvl 20’s will serve you well at indoraptor lvl 1 ferocity. Same with the Tape shybrid


When you have a bunch of Indom Gen 2s then try to fuse them for Indoraptor Gen 2

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The slot is empthy.
I used the low rarity to fill that slot and then unlock the 2,3,4 slot for a long duration, i think that s worth for bucks I spent.
And another reason, I usually use first slot for B DNA event, such as fuse 4 jurassic and fuse 2 aquatic. Sometimes they come together.

Thank you. I cant remember the name but I dont unlock much like it should be.

I will tell you what I have unlocked later.