Any suggestions for this lineup?

I guess I would get more common hybrids and try to get them to level 30, and if you’re hq wing problems with dna wait until discounts. Also if you get another rag don’t make it level 20, just keep them level 10 since a level 10 seems to be you’re best creature.

If your events are not already hard they are probably about to be…

Your top two in Jurassic are way out in front of the rest of your lineup…

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what do you suggest

This is my suggestion, that from when you’ll start unlocking Legendary creatures then don’t worry about a lot about unbalanced Ferocity till you’re in a bench of level 30 Legendaries since cooldowns aren’t that high.

I had mentioned this in another thread, but here it is again for your convenience :

Level 30 Legendary = Level 20 Tournament Creature = Level 10 VIP
Level 40 Legendary = Level 30 Tournament Creature = Level 20 VIP

They’re not exactly equal, but quite close. You can have this for reference while building your future teams and keeping them balanced.

At level 50 you’ll start unlocking Legendaries (I’m not sure if Pteranodon or Ichthyostega is first, but it’s one of these two) and that’s when you can follow the above listed comparison.

ok thanks,

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Well masto is wayyy strong than all the other dinosaurs. You should add more dinosaurs

Is that diplotator from modded or did you fuse to get it?

40 alangasaurus
30 diplotator (if unlock)
40 super rare
Or sale vip and rajastega

from modded