Any suggestions for this lineup..?

Currently working on Zalmonodon.

Waiting for your answers, thanks! OMG IT DOESNT LET ME POST IT

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It’s a little unbalanced. Strong, yes, but a little unbalanced — your Monostegotops is far stronger than the other creatures. Normally, just one unbalanced creature should not be that much a problem since Opponent Ferocity is calculated on average.

The formula derived by the Legendary @Sionsith shows how you calculate formula : Health + 3.2Attack

The creatures below Dilophosaurus Gen 2 are quite weaker than the ones above it. Are you able to manage your daily events easily by using any of the level 20 VIPs or for that matter any of the creatures below the Dilophosaurus?


If you have the SDNA you should make the Tapej SHybrid. @Jurassic_Fury is correct in that you have a decent drop off in your top 8 creatures. If you are managing all of the PvE right now that’s good but you might want to add some creatures into the range of your 3 and 4 current creatures.