Any suggestions? Nodopatosaurus is awsome!

Who should I add to the team and why?

Imo you should add Postimetrodon. It has immunity so it can’t get slowed or anything, can break shields and is pretty dang fast (124 speed) overall Postimetrodon is a solid dinosaur. One of my personal favorites.

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Also, why do you have a level 16 Irritator Gen 2? I’m legitimately curious…

A few words of advise.

  1. dont use coins leveling dinos without hybrids, if you dont kmow if it has a hybrid try not to level it. Coins seem plentiful early but it can take 60, 70, 80,000 coins to level 1 dino up 1 time later.
  2. dont rush, youre at the fun part of the game where most dinos are viable, that doesnt last and once you hit around 3500 trophies only a handful are worth use.
  3. balance your team, dont lean too heavily on tanks or on heavy hitters. Your best strategy is to have all your bases covered. Your team seems balanced now for where you are, try to maintain that.
  4. Deinocheirus is probably the weakest link on your current squad, put Nodo in for it but keep collecting them. They make a unique and you will need a LOT of it

Because I wanna see how good it is in the Garlands cause that,s where I am.
Same with other dinos, he’s at lvl 16 because of incubators.

I see a lot of irritator gen 2 DNA being wasted. It’s an incubator only dino which cannot be found in the wild, use it for its hybrids instead.

Postimetridon and Oranosaurus are good epics, can replace allo/denio/mono on your team.

Kaprosuchus can also be considered since it has swap in strike, which can pull out surprise victories when used correctly.

Usually it’s not encouraged to overlevel a dinosaur if it has hybrids, unless the dino itself is very good and much easier to level up. (Ex. Stegoceratops, postimetridon, gorgosuchus)

@Creative_Screen_name gave u the best possible advice 100% on point

I suspect Irritator Gen 2 is being levelled because it is one of the easiest dinos to level that has swap in strike. A few recent opponents of mine have used it solely for that reason.

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Start building up for Stegodeus. Nodopato is one of the components, and from my experience, it’s one of the easier Legendary hybrids to create.

As immunity goes, Use either Ankylocodon or Postimetrodon. Posti might have speed, and shield-breaking attacks, but Anky can slow down your opponent, and has decent armor - it’s literally a tank-killing tank.

For dodge, use either gallimimus or ornithomimus - but start building monomimus as soon as you’re able. A good harasser is hard to come by, and you won’t regret it.

For bleeders, I recommend either Spino or its Epic Gen2 version. The Rare form of Spino when combined with Utahraptor makes the Epic hybrid Spinotahraptor. Suchomimus and Irritator combine to form the most annoying bleeder out there so far, Suchotator.

Tank-wise, Nodopato can really give people migraine headaches in the arena, especially if they know when to swap them in. But ultimately, you’re going to reach a point to where Nodopato just doesn’t cut it anymore, so that’s why you need more advanced tanks, like Stegod.

I’ll just say I had Deinocherus on my team at level 18 well into Sorna, long before it had a hybrid. It crushed a lot of people’s dinos of a higher rarity, because they underestimated it. But she can pack a pretty serious wallop if you use her right. Just saying. :slight_smile:

Oh and dispite how great you think Nodopat… is Do NOT level it past 15. Stegodeus is the shiz niz. Absolute game changer.