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Any suggestions on how to boost GORGOTREBAX

As it was the Tyrant tier, but i have no idea on how to use and boost it, so, any suggestions on that?

Thank you in advance :wink:

it really wants to do everything. kinda like how magna wants to have a bit of everything. it may be a tyrant in an unboosted setting, but it really is going to suffer from having to be specialized for specific team comps. i havenโ€™t quite figured out what to do with mine yet because of that.

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not many have it does have a really big hit but as soon as armour comes into play it goes and whimpers in the corner same a shadro so best bet is get it faster thn most get in early and run away :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have it unlocked but for the time being Iโ€™m not even bothering with boosting it because of how easily it gets trashed.

As it stands the current plan is to get it 0/10/20 when I finally do decide to boost it (if at all), unless Ludia gets around to massively buffing its speed.

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