Any suggestions welcome


So am floating between 3460 and 3690 in the arena at them moment.
Any suggestions on any dinos to change to make a stronger team, I did unlock stegodeus today :smile: so hoping that will help.



I think your team is good. Only doubt is for me there are too many tanks and few heavy attacker, what about Ouaranosauro? I would switch her for Amargocefalo and let’s see what happen, but most depends on what kind of dinos you are facing up there.


Similar to my team. I’m over 4k right now was hard stuck at 3500 a few days ago. Overlevelling stegodeus helps a lot.

My deck:

Gorgo is also a star. You might consider using him.


Einiasuchus has no place in arena 8. I’m usually around 4200, and any time I come up against one it’s a joke. They were good in lower arenas, I used mine for a long time, but it takes a lot of coins to level her as high as you have that would be better spent elsewhere.

Focus on the future. Rather than spending on what you already have, plan for hybrids that you may be able to add in the near future. It might feel like you’re not bettering your team, but it will pay off when competing at a higher level. Stegodeus was my first legendary and is a boss. She’s pretty easy to level too, so if you’re going to put anything into someone you already have I’d focus there. She’s usually my closer.


Hi saraCuriosa, I have tried Ouaranosauro before and did not have much luck with it maybe was not using it right but I shall try again :slight_smile:
As for gorgo, Wrothgar I feel lvl14 is a bit low for arena 3500+


Oh ok , that’s good to about einiasuchus will stop with that then.
As for other dinos there is a few I should unlock soon
I am 40 DNA from getting tragodistis.
And going to start fusing diloranosaurus today as well also was going to go for tryostronix but baryonyx DNA is not easy to get.


Yeah, I’m waiting on Dilophosaurus and Baryonyx DNA for those hybrids too. Here’s my team and my “in progress” hybrids, with a few I’m close to starting to fuse.

I’ve been stopping epics at lvl 15 with the exception of stegoceratops and gorgosuchus, which I’ve slowed down in order to get megalosuchus.