Any suggestions?


I’ve been stuck in lockdown for some time now, I even got knocked down a tier at one point. I think I’m just not using my team right, I feel like it’s pretty good. But I dunno, any suggestions on how to not get bodied?


I’d say Ourano for Stygi. Never used Stygi, but used Ourano a while back and it was very helpful. High HP, stun, and swap is pretty good when it can take the hits.
Your name isn’t derived from the Kalmah song, by any chance, is it?


Yeah I’ll try that out, thanks for the advice.
And holy crap, it is from a Kalmah song. No one ever knows what it’s from lol


Glad to see someone with good taste in music
Swamplord is such a great cd, start to finish :metal:t2:


Swap out velociraptor for rex, you need more tank counters on your team.


And when you unlock stegodeus you should replace nodopatosaurus.


Couldn’t agree with you more :eyes:


I was wondering if stegodeus was any good. I’ll definitely try out swapping my raptor. He’s pretty low level these days anyways .thanks :slight_smile: