Any Tapjoy “free” money suggestions?


Does anybody know if there is there any genuine and even remotely reliable source of “free” money offer from Tapjoy??
There’s no way I will start gambling or sign any contracts just to get some virtual pseudo-currency, and there is not much else.
Any ideas?


Those are all of the ones I’ve completed this week. I’ve got a bunch in progress right now and will probably get another couple thousand cash before the end of the night.


anything that is watch a video for 1 buck is legit. i wouldn’t try anything that isn’t completing a tutorial or “reach level 1 (maybe level 2)” because a lot of the time you don’t get the reward.


I’ve been rewarded for every one that I’ve completed so far. I usually don’t do offers because a couple months ago, it was sketchy and you rarely got paid for it. But I gave it another shot because I heard it worked good now, and it seems to be.


Between the game offers, videos, and surveys I’ve earned over 40,000 game bucks. Only once did I NOT get the money, but to be fair I had to dispute 3 or 4 along the way. Also the surveys come back 1-2 less every time for some reason. But getting 50 cash for answering the same questions for the 100th time on the bus is a-okay with me.

I do avoid the click here websites and purchases, though. I have not spent a penny of real money getting that 40K hard cash.


Any problem you might have getting your reward seems to be easily solved by emailing then with proof of completion. I’ve done a couple of offers and two times I didn’t get the cash price. I emailed then and it took them only two days to deal with it and send me the price.

And keep in mind that the offers change according to your country, so it’s a bit hard to recomend any! I would agree about staying away from the offers and such.