Any Thoughts On Those "Extra" Pointless Trust Points?

So, the Toothless event is going on right now and I have no reason to play it since I have a maxed Toothless dragon. You cannot use multiple of the same dragons on a team, so collecting more trust points is pointless. Are there any thoughts on being able to convert those extra trust points into trust points for other dragons?


… or other resources such as runes. I guess if trading trustpoints for another dragon should work there has to be either a lock to only allow that to persons who already have a maxed (means at training of their 5th star) dragon of certain trustpoints or it should be possible to trade trustpoints for runes. Otherwise people will just earn trustpoints at events and trade them for whatever they need trustpoints for, even if they don‘t even got the event dragon that‘s on at this moment.

Hello Vikings,

Great question, let me enquire more info about this and see if there’s something I can share with you guys.


I agree with what you’re saying. I think it should be locked down to only maxed dragons.

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What do you think about making a trading system?

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Trading Post: It’s terrible and defeats the purpose of the game. I hope they don’t implement one.


I agree with you, that’s NOT how a gacha game is supposed to work, want better dragons? Use the breeding system! If you want to get better stuff, you’ll have to play the game, and implementing a trading system is just going to take that difficulty away. Yes, the % for getting a 5* or 4* dragon is low, but that’s why you have to keep trying.
Now back to the main topic, I don’t think that converting those extra trust points into runes is a good idea, because later on, the trust events can turn into an easy rune farm. I think that converting them into another dragon’s points is a better idea!


Cant farm the levels. Also they used to be runes instead of trust points

Wdym by can’t farm the levels? And no, they’ve always been trust points? Unless they changed that and I didn’t notice

You can’t replay levels, thus no farming.

They only recently became trust points a month or so ago

Um… those trust events have been happening since february, they never were runes. And yes, you’d be able farm runes because, at some point, you’ll have completed the two necessary cards to max their level, but that won’t change the fact that those events are going to keep happening.
It seems to me that you’re thinking about the main story quests, I’m not talking about them, I’m talking about the events.

Yeah we were talking about different things :sweat_smile:


Aaah, now everything makes sense!!! :sweat_smile:

You can buy runes, so what’s it matter if you farm them? It would be nice to do something else with the trust points once you have a maxed dragon

But not everybody invests money and I really appreciate that I found a game where you can gain the ingame-currency that‘s „moneybased“ not only by paying but by ingame progression as well.

I mean, ludia wants you to spend money so making a rune farm would prob be negative to them. And don’t get me wrong, I’m a completely f2p user, and I don’t plan to use money in this game. All the runes I get are from the chest, missions and alpha battles, once you improve your team, you’ll get plenty of it.

Oh, that only was the answer to Matt_H, my original post was mainly about not giving Trustpoints „free“ exchange, otherwise different events wouldn‘t make sense anymore. I‘d happily trade Trustpoints for any resource, or the trading has to be locked until you maxed the specific event dragon. I‘m happily gaining runes from Chests etc., resource rune was only my example because they can be used for restarts in other trust events.

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Even if they don’t let you convert or trade anything, I would imagine that if you earned an extra (and unneeded) Toothless or other Trust dragon that at the very least you’d be able to feed it to the dragon academy to level up another dragon, right? I wonder if anyone has tested this.