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Any tips for a new player?

I have little to none dinos and have no dollar bills and need some help

I can help

I’ve been playing since the snakes came in to the game

First discover as many dinosaurs as possible

Join a good alliance, or priotise getting to the level of unlocking it. It really helps with collecting DNA through many means

Dart everything, spin everything. Battle lots and don’t be disheartened by defeats.
Join an alliance. Do raids…. And have fun :slight_smile:

Max your supply drops out each day.
Dart everything you see.
Use your free scents each day.
Battle and keep your incubators running.
Find an alliance.
Level your creatures to the level they evolve and don’t go past it.
Save your boost until your are much higher and know their value.
Save your green cash.
Use your sanctuary items each day.
Keep your free 6 hour incubator running at all times.

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Greetings and welcome to the game, These are the tips that I would suggest.

1, Spin every supply drop that you can. That will keep you filled on darts, FIPs and coins.
2. Dart everything even if you don’t need it right now. Collect that DNA for potential hybrids down the road and if needs be, someone in your Alliance (when you join one) may need it.
3. Join an Alliance. The benefits are well worth it. Try to avoid a competitive group until you get your head around how everything works.
4. Use your free scents every day. Keep the others until you need specific types of DNA.
5. Battle in the Arena and keep getting the incubators. I keep an 8 hour to see me through the night, and then set the 3 hour ones going, and keep them topped up with periodic battles.
6. Download the JWA Field Guide app on your phone. It’s a great resource.
7. If it’s safe for you to do so at the moment, walk around your town and play the game. You get a better experience and potentially more varied DNA doing so.
8. Use your FIPS to level up creatures you need in your Alliance sanctuaries. It’s slow going but well worth it.
9. Any questions post on here. You’ll get some great responses.

Hope that helps.

Use some scents
Use rookie drone mode by going in setting since it helps aim and dart dinos more better
Do incubators to help you get supplies and dna.
That’s all i really know

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