Any tips for darting para?


Its the only common i cannot get the hang of, i think its the combination of it having a jerky/robotic movement at the start and the location of the zones head and arm.
All other commons i manage 200+.


That’s one I can’t quite get the hang of…


I hate it, and I hate that I need that DNA! For me it’s like 120, 30, 84, 50, 100, etc.


Practice is your best bet…used to be happy with over 100…then got 150 and now easily get 200+ even a 300+ a few times


I guess i will just have to. I managed to create trago but what a chore getting all those paras. 300 i wish it were that easy, nearly there with stego etc.


Para has just two targets: the head and the shoulder. What it is unpredictible is when she suddenly stops, cause she seems to act like a jumping kangaroo :crazy_face:

My best advice, besided practicing, is to always move the drone near the head and then not going further assuming she will jump, but releasing the dart much near the border, so that if she stops you gain dna anyway, if she will jump you gain more dna. I live in local zone 4, I see a lot of para and my strategy to leave the dart after the circle, assuming she will go further, don’t work for me.


May seem like a dumb comment but I feel like you just need to practice.

After a catch or two you start noticing patterns eventually your muscle memory gets it.


This is so true I find it SO difficult to dart, and considering you need 500 per fuse for two different legendaries :neutral_face: and I don’t think you can just practice because I’ve got a 16 para, a 20 trago and a 18 paramoloch so I’ve clearly darted a fair few. :sweat_smile:


And I will die if anyone saw that before I edited it :joy::joy::joy:


Didn’t see it but f and d very close on a keyboard so I’m guessing.


I mean i get saying practice, i have him at 15, just made trago last night so i have darted a good amount. I just cant get the hang of it, the second dart is a nightmare where it turns and instead of carrying on walking it jerks to a stop and it throws me. All other commons i get 200+.


Agree with this… hardest Dino to dart… always struggle


For me hardest Dino to find. There are 2 spawns 2 miles away. So little DNA for so much walk.

Hope the migration moves them and gives enough to be relevant.