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Any tips for this ridiculous battle?

I really hate this damn modded events so much. My lineup is not unbalanced at all. So why I’m facing this ridiculous nonsense?


because you are level 61 and ludia wants you to have more ferocious dinos :joy:


3 lvl 1 commons, 3 clone mods or a lvl 1 common with clone and 2 good creatures with terrify

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Don’t mix clone and terrify because it will decrease your attack too (I’ve made that mistake before). Just use one good dino in the front with distraction and two commons with terrify.

Edit: nevermind, that shuffle mod screws it all up.


Should I even bother with this one? I usually get messed up match-ups in round 3

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It looks complicated, your strongest creatures even need a 4 point attack to beat each opponent and with 2 they are eliminated; however thanks to some mods you could even the terrain (I don’t know which ones you have).

Since it has to mix I would bet on Clone, in one way or another the statistics will be equalized no matter who gets the mod and thus equalize things a bit.

Without that mod to mix, things would be even easier with shields or the clone itself, not to mention inspire terrify or splinter. Personally, the only “ridiculous” thing I see is that they make you spend resources searching for a particular mod, when the only reward is a legendary pack.

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Exactly. It should used to “hey a legendary pack!!!” Now legendary packs for me are becoming men. Cuz mostly I get therizno, ichy, or other not so helpful dinos.

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I beat it by the way. Even with common mods. The computer played just as I see want at the time