Any tips of getting a lot of coins?


Can anyone else agree that the struggle of leveling ul is real?


First step:
Stop waste coin on useless dino

I wonder if you just very love Stygi Gen2? Or that lv16 thing is the best example.


Yea that was a mistake but that one dino only saves me like 35k coins. Not significant


You just have to play alot. Go spin supply drops, complete every strike tower, open every chest and battle pvp until you have received daily coin cap.


Second Step:
Don’t think that 35K coin is a small insignificant amount :slight_smile:

The coins from a couple of such non-team dinos if invested in a team dino can make the difference if your dino gets killed in the battle or kills the opponent dino!

Getting back to the topic, I would recommend a couple of tips:

  • For Treasure Hunts, first exhaust the normal daily supply drops coin limit (immediately after 8pm US EST). Then collect the treasure chests, which will make everything from it a bonus.
  • Do tapjoy offers. Mostly the install and run app offers for low cash amounts. For higher amounts, I have had good success on the subscribe/buy deals.
    If not urgent, wait for the 2x/1.5x deals when you can get more cash.
  • If you are okay with P2W, then rather than buying incubators, cash from store… try purchasing during the one time offers. They usually give the same incubators but with 4x-5x the value.
  • Also, wait for coins for cash offers. From time to time, there is good deal on the coins.


Strike towers are also a good source of both coin and DNA. Hit them as often as possible. Treasure chests as well.


Of course any dino could get a buff of hybrid and then you have a leg up on people who ignored theirs


Do the razor deals via Tapjoy and get a ton of cash and then get coins. 2x at times! Cancel after a month.