Any Tips On Getting Recourses?

I’m In A Pickle And Need To Get Better Dinos So Does Anyone Have Tips On Obtaing Said Recourses?

PvP is your best way to farm resources until you have access to the Trade Harbor.


What he said.

Also, any resource in particular?

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No Not Really Just In General

Thanks Man! :+1:

PvP generally pays out well over time.

Coin production is best from dino paddocks that are well boosted with decoration.

Food, I get most of mine from prize drop, trade harbor, and the food building.

DNA, has to be earned from battle events, code 19’s, trades, and the DNA building if you are a VIP. Tournament and boss battles tend to have good payouts.

Dino bucks, PvP, daily missions, trades harbor, and some events and tournaments pay out ok.

Loyalty points, trade harbor and the grind of battle events and PVP.

This game requires patience.


Everything @Potato said was (as usual) good. His last sentence is his best, though. Don’t rush this game. Just enjoy it as you go. Freemium games thrive off giving people a sense of urgency and rushing. Eventually, you’ll get ahead of yourself (e.g., have too few high ferocity creatures to play daily events, or need to use dinobucks for park expansions, etc.). Just take your time and enjoy where you are. There’s no “beating” the game, so just take it as it comes.

To quote John Hammond, “It’s kind of a ride.”


Just to add, when I got to the point of always having buckets of coins at the ready, it was a bit of a game changer.

I had one resource that was always near maxed out. I could custom trade and take whatever was offered without worry. I’ve taken very bad custom trades, and bought raptor mods just to burn off coins. Anything I could buy with coins is readily traded off, as I can buy more.

As an example, the lowly triceratops with 439% boost, making 65,000 coins every 5 minutes.


Interesting… Thanks For The Info This Will Surely Help! :smiley:

Look up the dino spread sheet to see which dinos produce the most coins per minute.

The lowly Triceratops at lev40 produces 250/min. It just caps out at 5 min. Being cheap and quick to make, I made several early on in the game. I keep it next to the hatchery, so I can collect every 5 min while i am playing. The Dilohpsouras at lev40 is 500/min and caps out at 30min. If you have the resources, build a few of these next.

Now, while you are actively playing, you’ll get a bunch of coins.

Keep in mind lev40 dinos produce WAY more coins than lower levels. So, build a bunch of level 40s. Don’t mess up your team balance doing it though. I’m only at the point of maxing out commons and rares.

Once you have really good coin generation (or good enough), you can start building lots of food (aka refined coins). Now, you can start working food and coin trades in the trade harbor. I typically trade coins (in the form of build decorations, more expensive the better) for food at 1.2 coins for 1 food. Later one, you can trade large amounts of food back for about 1 food for 3.2coins.

With a good trade cycle, you can start to work in trades for food or coins for dino bucks, DNA and JW points.

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Like others have said, once you start generating enough coins that you routinely have a surplus and the trade harbor is open you can start to take advantage of some things in the game.

When i was low level, and i got my first collection tower and was playing quite a bit i surrounded it with ACU offices 9x9. so 80 ACU’s and the collection tower in center. thats $8k every 10 minutes, and a lot more if you want to collect coins every minute or so from the offices.

That’s a good bit when you are just starting out. Once I save up some coins, i would slowly sell the ACU’s and replace them with coffee shops or power generators. This allows you to not have to baby sit and collect every couple minutes which is nice over night. Then again after i had a good bit of coins, i slowey sold off some of the coffee shops and power generators for fossil gift shops. $2400/4hrs at 0%. Make maybe 3/4th fossil shops and 1/4 power generators. 60 x $2400 every 4 hrs is almost $144k every 4 hrs. Add some bonus to them and i think i get a little over $300k every 4 hours. You can generate some decent coin early in the game before you really have much of a chance at lvl 40 legendaries and Super rares that can generate some decent coins.

With all your coins just try and take as much advantage of the trade harbor as possible. Taking coin trades as is, buying the most expensive decorations and keeping them stocked in your inventory.

It’s a grind for sure, even when you get to a reasonable level there is always something holding you back. I don’t routinely have a lot of DB’s to waste so i can’t speed up too many incubators and i collect creature cards right now way faster than i can hatch them, especially when most of them take 2 + days.

just be patient, the game gets easier IMO