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Any tips on how to improve my lineup?

In addition to this, i have

  • a monostegotops in hatchery
  • almost enough sDNA to get a diplosuchus level 20
  • a segnosaurus in my hatchery
  • enough resources to get zalmonodon, but I’m not sure if I should

I am willing to spend a small bit of my DNA to get new dinos if you guys think I should, but I am currently saving to get a Lvl 40 spinoraptor and tapejalocephalus so I can get new superhybrids.

Keeping 2 Apatosaurus at level 10 would be wiser . Get a bunch of Tournament creatures to level 30. You have a good mix of creatures well balanced.

yeah i have noticed that i rarely use my apatosaurus and the cooldown is crazy. should I spend DNA to get the tournament creatures to Lvl 30 or wait?

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You can select which ones,Segnosaurus and Ceratosaurus are the ones I would consider. Since how long have you been playing? I have been playing since 2 months and struggle with VIPs,I have only 2 VIP Jurassics.

Apatosaurus is a excellent meatshield even at level 10. So it is perfect for tournaments.

Anyways,Welcome to the forums.

I probably started playing around 3 years ago, and its been on and off since then but I’m getting really into it now, which is how I discovered the forums and began reading them.

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Yes! The forums have shaped a major portion of my game. Do you do coins to Dinosaur custom trades? Max a bunch of common hybrids and put insane boosts using JH statues and Park Oasis . That should help you gain lots of legendary dinosaurs and rare hybrids easily,plus dinos you have not unlocked.

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I actually just read a forum on how to max out coin production recently, I was thinking of trying that, and I will now!

Heres the best advice i can give:

Get multiples of each dino you want to evolve to a stronger level.

For example, you have 3 (almost 4) monostegotops. If you evolve all 4 of them you can get 2 to lvl 20. But before you evolve them, get multiples of other dinos.

As an example, Get another indom/gen 2 at lvl 20, this way you can have a cascade of evolve dinos, which in turns keeps your roster well balanced and allows you to progress to higher levels without ruining your chances of winning. Do that with your top 15 dinos and you’ll be set for the next power level.

I hope this makes sense.

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Monostegotops has 1 of the highest coin productions in the game. But it needs to be fairly levelled for you to notice.

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Maybe work on filling in between your Mono’s and your lvl 40 legendaries in an attempt to balance out your line up a bit more and create more depth at that ferocity. I wouldn’t look to get anything much higher than you already have, just more. So lvl 30 tournament dino’s, lvl 30-40 rare and super rare hybrids. more lvl 20- lvl 30 legendary hybrids, more Sdna hybrids if you can make more than one, and maybe more lvl 20 VIP’s but i would be picky about which ones i take to lvl 20, some are pretty useful at lvl 10.

Which of the above dino’s in particular i went for would be dependent on what other dino’s you have in your inventory and start with what make sense