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Any tips on my team?


Hey everyone,

After 6 months without playing I’m completely lost with the new dinos, abilities, etc.

Any tips on what a good team would be ? Cause the battles are kicking me in the face :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Many thanks !


I think you probably have your best team at the moment … just need to add some more levels; before the 1.6 update I would have said Pyrritator deserved to be in but I haven’t really played it since its nerf which I’ve read was quite a blow. Diloran and Tryo are both good but do they warrant a place … probably not, but I would experiment.

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Will experiment for sure, thank you !


Allosino and utasino, pick a route and stick with it unless you can sustain huge amounts of sino DNA. Currently, tragodists is far better than stegod.

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Allosino seems a good route then ?

Really, trago over stegod ? How things have changed ! Not sure my L17 trago is worth taking out my L21 stegod though ?


Allosino leads to Thor so I would commit there … although Utasinoraptor is so good (still not convinced I shouldn’t have continued levelling it rather than creating Utarinex). Don’t like Tragod but it is a beast - not sure it is better than 4 level higher Stegod though. All just in my opinion of course :slight_smile:

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At same level trago is better, stegod loses its armor piercing rampage after 1.4 and stegosaurus is now locked in parks. You can use them both or level trago and replace stegod once they are the same level.


Will try to replace utasino with trago then cause my utasino isn’t even at 1900…

Are the indos still strong or completely RNG?

Also are the birds worth any investment ?


Indoraptor is good all the way; I-Rex has its place initially but will ultimately be replaced

Short answer on the birds … no, long answer … no no no and again no

Some are fun but there is so much better available; Alanqa and Alankylosaurus have their place but again will ultimately be replaced

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Got it :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Dimorphodon (and its hybrid) has its uses in strike events - swap in wound

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Dimorphodon doesn’t exist for me yet :man_shrugging:t4:


Mine’s L10 with 32K DNA sat there; its hybrid is L20 - easy enough to get if you can hunt dawn and dusk

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Tryo at this lvl has problem with survivability. I had Tryo benched until lvl 19, then came back in team. At lvl 23 now is permanent part of team.

At your lvl Trago isn’t better than Stegodeus. Have Trago lvl 20 benched as there are to many chompers and Indos. Stegodeus is better in health pool, which is many times more important. Also personally like Thagomizer more than Superiority strike. In 1 on 1 Trago now beats Stegodeus.

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Where are you at for trophies? I can spy on my alliance members to see what level their dinos are in the same range.


Cool, thanks. 3538 is where I’m at


Granted some could be better at battling than others :smile:


Haha. They have better teams though. We’ll see in a month or so. Thanks!


Good luck to you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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