Any tips or suggestions on my team?


Hi all!

I’m pretty new here and a die-hard FairPlay JW Alive ranger. I’ve been catching up some very cool hybrids lately and finally i’m starting to move up a little but in the battle arena’s. Still I would like to have a killer team that can rank me up to the Jurassic Ruins. I’m now at 3459 with this team:

I’m not quite the money spender in the game, i’ve not spending more then 30 euro’s so…
Any tips or advices?

Thanks all!


Looks like you have a pretty good start going. Getting up to Ruins can be quite a pain though…there’s a bunch of people currently stuck in the upper reaches of Marshes and until you get your team leveled up a bit more and/or get some new hybrids, you may find yourself stuck for a while potentially.


Trex has too low damage at this lvl.
Monolometrodon has lower damage than Postimetrodon.

Velo has very limited use. Usually opponents have lvl 20, 21 Velo. Any slower can two shot Velo.

Needed full team of legendaries with only one epic (Gorgosuchus) to climb into Ruins. Monomimus was last missing piece.


Thanks a lot. I indeed need to level up me velo to at least lvl 20 I guess… I’m only one baryonix away from Tryostronix and a couple para’s away from Paramoloch, so I hope thats going to help me climb up! Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:


Don’t bet on Paramoloch getting you into Ruins - she sucks


Paramoloch is useful only if gets lucky with stuns. Any immune creature easily beats it.