Any tips?


Hi there Dinofans!

I’m still pretty new in the world of the game, yet already kinda addicted :slight_smile: my question to yall is if you have any tips how to beat T-Rex in the Battle Stage 19 without having to buy VIP? Are there any dinos that are especially good against T-Rex? For now i guess all of mine are too weak, he kills my best dinos with one shot each :frowning:

Any tips?
Thanks in advance


Hello! I strongly recommend using Amphibians that are between levels 30 and 40. Because amphibians reduce carnivore damage by 50%, they’re your best, most powerful option.

One recommended team is as follows:
1st slot) Limnoscelis
2nd) Labyrinthodontia
3rd) Koolasuchus

If you can use your first 1-2 creatures to block initial hits and build up reserves, you should be able to take out the T-Rex in roughly 4, maybe 5 hits with Koolasuchus.

It’ll take a little patience, but you can do it! Best of luck!


Finally i’ve done it! Thanks for the tip :smiley:

actually it was enough to first - like you said - block hits and build up reserves using my Postosuchus and Kaprosuchus (level 10 each) and then finish him with 8 attacks by my newly evolved Labyrinthodontia (level 40)