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Any trick to finding carbonemys this week?

I have not seen one wild one yet this week neither proximity spawn nor sitting out in the wild. Are they that hard to find or am I really unlucky? And tricks to finding them?

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I don’t know why, but i always have the worst luck finding any hybrid pursuit epic. Others have reported getting them off scents. commons, rares and epics.


I know a trick, just follow these steps.

  1. go home
  2. lie down
  3. try not to cry
  4. cry a lot
  5. there should be at least 2 Carbonemys’ near you now.

Tried that. Don’t see any. Unless they are proximity spawns. In that case… it’s too cold.

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Have proxi spawn points memorized, go to a place with dense SD population, don’t stop moving.
It probably won’t help with an Epic HP too much, but in general, it helps lol.


Okay thanks everyone! I’ll add the crying for an extra precaution :joy:


Are they spawning at night too? Haven’t seen any either and have trouble getting out through the day.

I saw two Tuesday morning, back-to-back practically. I could only get to one, though.

No other sightings at all.

I have the game open anytime I’m in a car. I’ve seen 1-3 per day, both at night and during the day. Some are visible, some are proximity spawns. It all comes down to being lucky I guess. Cover as much ground as you can. Scents do attract hybrid pursuit Dino’s.

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nothing every day

4 so far, 2 at night. 2 distant spawns and 2 proximity spawns. Just move a lot, you’ll run into them at some point!

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Most effective way I’ve found is in a moving vehicle. Once you start seeing crocs, tenon, and other park spawns, don’t dart anything. Just keep watching for the turtle. If you dart something else, you may miss one.

I’ve also been very successful with epic scents.

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Also, if you are in an area without supply drops, leave that area.

Most of the turtles I’ve found have been prox spawns, but I’ve found a number that could be seen at a distance.

Be willing to go back if the prox spawn disappears before you can tap on it.

Stay on roads that supply drops located in the middle of the road to increase your chances of the prox spawns becoming visible. Do not stray from the path of supply drops.


I have found 3 this week (all on Monday). I’m not upset about that all. I was hoping to at least find 1 considering my luck with epic hybrid pursuits. I’m looking at you Diplodocus! :woman_facepalming: Yesterday I found a lot of Maiasaura. Could not get away from her. Lol :rofl:

All of the Carbonemys I spotted this week have been during the day. No night time ones yet. I hope that I get a epic scent tomorrow.

I wish there was a special whistle that you use to call the Carbonemys to come closer. :wink: Since that doesn’t exist, I’ll just resort to praying. :pray:

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Here isn’t any turtel around me this week… nothing since 4 days

All great insight thanks everyone!

Nice khakis jake from State Farm!

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I have been using sancs for Carbo. Only because Ludia for some reason hates on zone 3.


Home (area 3) -> 0
Work (area 2) -> 0
Parks -> 0
Other -> 0

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I keep finding them at night and during day time too. Found most using rare scents for me. Though I did used 5x epic scents and 2x of them gave me 2x carbo, 2x 1 carbo and 1x scent no carbo.

Rare for me is like 1x carbo every approx 3rd scent.