Any type of Public Ranking / content

We really need some type of Event / public ranking such as dungeon time, pvp, adv etc. Best time, anything that will yield players / participant rewards. It’s been about 3 weeks since I’ve cleared campaign and I know others also have done this earlier then myself and theere’s absolutely NOTHING to do besides just running dungeons or the terrible PvP (Bots, never any real player)

I wouldn’t mind this, there was one game I played that had a weekly dungeon that had 100 levels with rewards every 10 levels and progressively got harder with better rewards of course and reset on Sunday

Yeah at this point anything would work as there’s basically no content in this game once you finish the campaign.

Thanks for your feedback, @Hmmm. I share this with our team.

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Thank you @Ned Can you tell us if they’re working on any future content release in the upcoming weeks?

I don’t have any information on that yet. However, if we get an update from our team, we’ll definitely let everyone know!