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Any type of pvp just sucks!


PvP is fine for me, upgrade some gear.

Toon level has very little to do with how much damage you deal or how much damage you can dish out unless the opponent is 5 levels higher. Then the levels along with their assumed higher leveled gear starts to make a difference. My level 14 toons with level 13-14-15 commons, level 14 rares, and level 15-16 epic gear can stand toe to toe with level 18-19 and sometimes 20’s. Spend your gold on gear upgrades. Until your gear is at your toons levels and then horde up a couple 100k gold and level up 8 toons at once. Keeping toon levels lower also helps your Raid and Rally events scale better for you and your gear can carry you to 10+ Rooms instead of 4-6.

Unfortunately the PvP matchmaking system punishes you with your event match ups if you push your Normal PvP trophies up into higher Arenas especially after a season reset when everyone gets put back down to Burnt bone and an event happens… so don’t push your Arena score higher than Labyrinth league 3500. It gives you 2 chests every month and keeps your event match ups at a decent spot so you can actually complete the PvP events without losing your mind for hours. People have already figured this out and that’s why you see level 20’s in Burntbone when they should be in a higher league but you can’t really blame them for Ludia’s Ludicrous Event Matchmaker…