Any update on bug fixes?

Curious if there is any hint of when we may see any new bug fixes. Some well known bugs like anvils healing have been around since beta. Alpha bugs were supposed to be fixed in last update that we waited 2 months for, but only some were fixed and new ones arose.
Do we need to wait another month and deal with all the bugs?
Many have suggested smaller and more frequent updates to fix bugs and limit new ones. It still seems like best course of action given the numerous bugs

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Hey Talisax, nothing we can disclose yet. However, once we get more info from our team, we’ll be sure to let everyone know!

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I’m curious about this too.

This is not at all normal for any sort of game. There should be hotfixes. There should be immediate jumps on issues that are so massive that they break the entire game, which they have. People are unable to progress in the main storyline, quests are being released bugged, textures are now at a far worse resolution and seams are showing, alpha bugs have been traded for new ones, some dragon abilities (or at least in this case Anveil’s) arn’t working, people are losing their games, Toothless trust points arn’t being given out correctly, etc, etc.

One or two of these, even a few at a time, sure. It’s still a game fairly in its infancy. But this is a studio that has been around for a while. And from last I checked, it’s a fairly decent sized development team behind this specific game (unless, of course, this was only for launch and has since then been downsized- which could very well be the case).

There’s always going to be bugs in games. That just comes with the territory. It’s a constant battle of them popping up and being squashed. But in no way should it be that it severely handicaps a game to the point it keeps players from playing, bottlenecks your customer support, and somehow is not in any way updated or has any fixes applied for a month to months at a time.

I don’t know if there’s some sort of internal deadline given by your department head/ Ludia itself that says you have to have ‘X’ out every month otherwise you could lose funding entirely? Because there really should not be any reason that you have a game that doesnt work, yet you’re still trying to put out new content. New content is nice. Everyone loves new content. But at this point it’s like trying to put sprinkles on mud.

I’m sure you guys are being worked hard. I don’t doubt that. And I don’t think people should be yelling at you, even with how frustrating it can be. You’re all still just doing your jobs and there’s usually someone from corporate that is holding the strings on these things.

But this really is baffling. I really hope you guys either get some slack, get better QA testers, or any at all. It just seems like all of this can be easily avoided if the normal precautions were taken.


Our team has applied some hotfixes in order to try and address the board freeze issues, and more bug fixes will be coming soon in the next update.

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Have you? That’s certainly good to hear. I wouldn’t be shy in announcing these things, it would probably ease more tension if people knew there was at least a fairly active rollout.

Thanks for letting us know!

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Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately I still get the board freeze bug way too often. 3 times in the last 30 minutes. It did cost me around 30 energy.

Does it still make sense to write the support? It is getting hard to keep track of what I have lost through this bug… And I don‘t want to overwhelm support.

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Hey @Brainstorm, I’m curious as to where you’re getting frozen, specifically.

Is it in the main storyline battles (exploration)? That’s where I was hitting a wall and unable to progress past where one would receive Toothless trust points. Hooligan Timberlands, I believe.

I lost both runes and energy to the point I just avoided playing until @John had just previously mentioned they applied a hotfix for it. It did work in not freezing so far, but I have to admit I am concerned it’s going to pop up again for the next Toothless trust point battle. Is that where you’re getting the frozen tile board?

I keep getting the board freeze during quests. Specifically when one of the opponent dragons has just used an ability.

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got this 3 times on premium token node, lost 21 energy and i revive 2-3 times so that is 200-300 runes when i could just win easily the 1st time it’s stuck… had written to support but i’m not expecting that they’re gonna give me back what i’d lost.

@Mysterious No I got stuck at the Buffalord quest series. Can’t proceed there any further.
It happens from time to time, but always when trying something harder. Haven’t found a reason / combination.

@Brainstorm, @Harlan_Bodensteiner.

Thanks for letting us know! I’ve notified our team about it and they’ll look into it.

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Ah, thanks for letting me know!

Now it happened in the Toothless trust point quest… 2 times after spending 400 runes :roll_eyes:

@Ned Any news on the problem?

I’m sorry that happened again, @Brainstorm. We don’t have any new info on this yet. However, if you reach out to our support team at, our team would be happy to try and make this right for you.

If you could include that screenshot along with your support key in the email as well, it would be helpful for our team. Thanks!

Why would you spend 400 runes for trust points that you will overflow on shortly?

Because I would like to proceed in exploration. I do not play for the Trust Points, I play for the story and the challenge. Normaly there are one or two steps where I do not have the right dragons, right strategy or the step seems to be build as a wall.
I play it the way I like to. Might not be the most efficient way. But it is my way ^^

I already wrote a ticket through ingame support. Is that sufficient or shall I write an e-mail?

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Just saying, resettingthe event would give you many more trust points for 400 runes

If you’ve already contacted our team through the in-game support, that will be sufficient. :slight_smile:

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