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Any update on next week creatures


Usually Friday or Saturday we get the update on the next week Green Supply drop event creatures. But it’s Sunday and no update still. Any data mining leads ?


It’s actually usually around 4 hours from now on a Sunday. Just some weeks have been early.


It’s usually on Sunday, actually. Saturday if Ludia doesn’t have anything else to Tweet out for “daily” rewards.


They better bring out Irritator. :expressionless:


the schedule for them should have been up 3 hours and 12 minutes ago (3:12 pm est)


This next week is april so the reworked events are at play here… if this is a regular week it might not start until Wednesday… so they dont need to post on sunday.

Just speculation of course.

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April’s fool day is comming


They’ve taken more than a few strike towers away, they’ve taken it all.

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Yeah, if the tournament announcement and strike event changes announcements turn out to be April fool’s day gags, I’ll be pleasantly surprised and impressed. Could’ve spaced the announcements a little more but all this considered it was well coordinated :+1:


They aren’t April Fool jokes, April Fool jokes have to be made on 1st April, not before, not after.


for what the crippling event rework?


This is well past the era of everyone knowing anything announced via the interwebs on April 1 is straight up balderdash. You have to think outside the box a little these days, broham.

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there’s chests for it too.


Ahh, the old April Fool treasure chest hunt.

You click to open it…

It opens and shows 250,000 coins!!!

You click the coin popup to add to your larder…

“April Fools! You only get one coin”


Thanks for sharing this. Hopefully it’ll be a good week judging by some of the previous events listed in that directory.

Now your screenshot has me curious, is navigating through the directories and reading the names of various json files all it takes to do the “data mining” I’m always hearing about?

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Well, here it is. I‘m kinda disappointed, hopefully this chart is April‘s joke and they give us the real event. :roll_eyes:





yup!! lol

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at least majundasuchus got replaced with miragaia :joy::joy:



I want my Irritator!! When will we get this thing! :rage:
Waiting since months and I‘m sure I‘m not alone. :sweat_smile: