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Any updates on the frequent crashing?

On one of my phones (OnePlus 6T, Android 10), the game crashes all the time. Often it happens on load, but it sometimes happens randomly while the game is just sitting open. I have already talked to support and followed their steps, and it hasn’t improved. Sometimes it’ll be fine for days, and then I’ll have a few days of tons of crashes again – on days like yesterday and today, it can take 4-6 restarts before the game finally loads without immediately freezing and crashing (just now it was especially bad and took 13 minutes of restarts before the game would load). From talking to people on Discord, I know I’m not the only one.

Are there any updates about this? Last I heard from support (early June) was that they were working on it and I should refrain from going from menu to menu because that makes it worse (not sure how I’m supposed to play the game if I can’t switch menus). @Ned ?


I’m sorry to hear that you are having crashing issues on one of your devices, Castal. I have not received any updated info from our team regarding this at the moment but please rest assured that our team is continuously working behind the scenes to try and reduce these types of problems.

@Castal Try turning off notifications for Discord on your phone. In fact try turning off anything, and everything that might be running in the background on your phone. This can be very helpful if you have the OnePlus 6T with only 6 GB of RAM.

I’m always using Discord on the computer and JWA on the phone, rarely have anything else open, and have the 8 GB version. Trust me, it’s not a phone performance issue. My older OnePlus 3 has zero crashing issues while my main phone does. It’s a known issue but they can’t seem to figure out why some people’s phones are crashing the game all the time. A couple of my alliance members are also having the issue, but on iPhones.

I have this issue on my iPhone 6S but not on my Google Pixel 4XL. It’s more likely a memory management issue. It’s always crashing for me once the app has been opened for 15 minutes or so, wether I am running a scent or battling.

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When app tends to crash, there is certain steps a person is advised to do, due to possible corrupt memory issues…
It could be a corrupt file in the app data itself.
So clear that storage data up in the storage part of the settings.
Update the JWA app data if you have not done so yet (I am assuming you have but mentioning it anyway)
Check your phone for updates in your software updates look for a system update and update.
Uninstall the JWA app and reinstall it. Don’t worry, if your account is linked to facebook you can recover everything.
Also many people don’t restart their phones enough. As in restart the phone completely.
I would also suggest you go through phones permissions and reduce permissions of other applications that may be running in the background with any type of notifications and turn off as many as you can or think is best. Sometimes you can temporarily turn off certain apps off for troubleshooting purposes.
Uninstalling unused apps sometimes helps.
Sometimes things are so corrupted, that people will actually set their phone to factory reset.
I don’t work for Ludia so I guess you can take everything I say with a grain of salt.
Good luck.

I’ve done all of this more than once. Stuff like clearing storage/cache, uninstalling/reinstalling apps, and restarting the phone are basic first steps whenever I have an issue. I always install the latest updates immediately. I also chose a OnePlus phone because it’s near-stock Android, and I barely run anything on it. After speaking to Ludia support and to other people with this issue (both on Android and iOS), I’m pretty sure it’s a problem on their end. I’m simply waiting for more info at this point.

Well if you have done a factory reset on your phone, then updated only the operating system and only run the game on it as a troubleshooting method and still have crashing issues, than I have nothing.

Got random crashes as well. They usually happen when the game is open a while and switching after a battle to map or something, or when i’m in the city center where there’s a lot more buildings to render/load. Just when the game has a hard time loading everything, it gives up. Or sometimes just without reason while laying on the table.
Got a 4GB device, Galaxy A50. Not super fast, but should be more than enough. But it’s not. Since about 3-4 updates ago it got stupendously slow (like 1 min 10 seconds for a darting session + load time), and since the last update you can even add these crashes to the list of misery. (The list that has issues like random lag spikes WHILE DARTING)
Gonna use my wife’s old iPhone with “only” 3GB RAM that should run the game smoothly because there is just no hope left for a smoother game. Giving up my soul for a proper gaming experience. Not happy.

It mostly happens to me when I open an incubator

Yes! Mine usually crashes on load (4-6 loads before it decides to behave), but sometimes I’ll just have it open beside me waiting for the green drops to become spinnable again, and it’ll freeze and crash. I have no other apps open, no notifications coming through, and 8 GB of RAM, and I have zero lag or any other performance issues… just all of a sudden, game freezes and dies. Meanwhile my older phone with less RAM and minor lag during darting/battling has zero crashing issues.

It’s weird too because some days are fine. Yesterday I had the game open for hours at a time without a single crash. Today I tried to log in and it crashed three times in a row. :woman_shrugging:

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My son has had crashes since yesterday. Mainly when he logs in. Tonight it happened when he was in round 3 of a lux raid. Needless to say he was not to happy…

Amusingly the only thing that doesn’t cause my game to crash is battle related: pvp, raids, the strike tower fights. Also darting.

Trying to pick decent dinos for strike towers? Crash. (I have about 10 or 15 seconds to pick until the game just nopes)
Loading the map? It’s a crash russian roulette.
Spinning a stop? Also a russian roulette.
Trying to load the achievement tab? Crash. (I havent had access to my daily missions and alliance missions in months)
Trying to use FIPs and sanctuaries? russian roulette again.

idk what’s keeping me playing to be honest :joy:

I never filed a bug report cos I figured it was my phone showing it’s age (iPhone 6+), it’s kinda nice knowing it’s not just me being affected.