Any way to improve my team?


I’m wondering if I should swap anything in my team for something, like maybe Ankylocodon, Tanycolagreus or Monolophosaurus? I dont know if they’re better than what I’ve got at this level.


I would swap the vraptor for the nodopato


I know raptors arent as powerful as they were but without one its a pretty slow team. Arent I just asking to be wrecked by wallbreakers?


I feel postmetridon’s immunity makes him better than a similarly leveled gorgosuchus.


I seem to keep swapping those two in and out with each other


Bin the velo, add tany


ok so Tany or Nodopato for velo? which do you think works best with the team?


You have enough tanks in my opinion tany will decloak indom, remove ferocious strike and shields etc. Better health than velo but will be taken out quickly by slowing dinos