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Any way to increase chances of a match?

I know some people you can’t match with due to their storylines being the same, but as the title says is there a way to increase your chance of matching with specific people?

I’ve always been interested in the game girl with the green hoodie (I’m blanking on her name, sorry!) though I was never able to match with her prior to Lovelink or now. I’m also really interested I’m Felicia Fatale, but swiped right with no success. The customer support characters, like Ana, who I’ve seen a few times I’ve swiped right on as well in vain. Love the new characters though, so it’s cool to see them anyway even if none matched with me. :joy:

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Yeah, same here :pensive: I’m also really interested in Felicia Fatal but I’m not able to match with her, is there any way to increase your chance of matching with her?

I read somewhere that perhaps we can’t match with certain characters right now because their stories don’t have enough content to start a match with them, but that was only speculation. Makes me wonder why we can see their profiles though if that’s the case…? Who knows.

It doesn’t seem that there’s a definite way to increase the chances of a match, so far.

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Maybe it has to do with our Zodiac sign? Just a theory tho😂

It doesn’t seem to be the case, from what I’ve seen. I’ve restarted multiple times on my throwaway account and I saw someone else also test it out with changing the sign and it doesn’t affect anything.

I’ve realized most people I want to match with are new or fairly new despite seeming as though they’ll share a storyline with a character who’s currently available to match with and that’s why I can’t match with a lot of the ones I’m interested in. Ah well. In the future.