Any way to transfer data?


So long before I had my own phone, I had an iPad which I got JWTG on and still play it on to this day. Since I got a phone a few months ago, I want to be able to play the game on my phone instead, not the iPad anymore. But I don’t wanna have to start all over with a completely new game, so is there a way to transfer my data from my iPad to my phone?

Connecting To Facebook

Hello HeyItsLulu, thanks for writing in! If you’re connected to Facebook on your old game account, you can continue on your new device by connecting the game to your Facebook on your new device from the settings menu. However, you might have to complete the in-game tutorial before you can reach the game’s settings menu.

Remember to keep a copy of your old game’s Support Key and Account ID, just in case! You can find those located in the bottom right corner of the loading screen and in your settings menu.

If you’re having issues, can you please contact our support team here, with your Support Key included in the email?


Thank you! This helped me a lot.


So I have been playing JWTG on my iPad for a LONG time now and I wanna link my data to my facebook account. But I’m afraid that if I sign out and use a facebook sign in, it’ll create a new game, and I don’t wanna have to start over. In my current game, I have no idea how to connect it to facebook. When I open my mail, there’s nothing for facebook, so I don’t know how to do it.


Make sure you are logged into the game on your iPad then go to your settings and choose to connect to Facebook this will tie your account to your Facebook account. Once you do that then install Facebook on your phone and set it up, then install JWA on your phone it’s important to do it in that order. Then open JWA and select the Facebook option and enter your email and password to login. That should be it this also allows you to use JWA to swap accounts if you have anyone else in the household that plays and has a Facebook account if they don’t make one for them like I did for my daughter so I can get her to play on her account on my phone and monitor her play.

Connecting To Facebook

So I looked at the FAQ article on how to merge my game with facebook, but for some reason there’s no connect button in settings. Just a join VIP button, a game center button, an SFX button, and a gameplay button. Why is there no connect button?


Do you have Facebook app installed mine popped up after I put app on.


Oh no I don’t okay I’ll try that


Ok yea I checked and apparently I do have the facebook app installed I just forgot it was there and there’s still no connect button


Did you set it up with your account yet just having the Facebook app installed won’t do it.


Yea I did and I still don’t have the connect button


Ok…are you on the right menu? Pls take picture of your setting menu. You can only go to the setting menu in the game. It looks like a gear on the top left corner…click on it and the last option should be facebook. It will be under notification .


But when I go to settings, there is no “connect to Facebook?”