Any word on an update?

I’ve been hearing stuff about another update for the game, introducing Alliances, or whatever it’ll be called, as well as nerfing superiority strike and potentially introducing new dinosaurs. Anyone got any idea when this might be coming? I’ve been laying off leveling any dinos until I know if any new hybrids are coming.

Well Ludia isn‘t that talkative think we‘ll have to wait. My expectations aren‘t too high so I‘m gonna wait and oberserve their social media.

I could imagine it could be this month but as long as their not giving us any information we only can guess when.

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I bet we’ll hear more soon. We got one or two teasers on flyers before we saw patch notes (a week ro two if i remember right) and then the patch seemed to drop another week or so after that.


Does anyone know when patch 1.5 will be expected?

Not soon I hope. Every patch makes the game worst with their money grabbing “rebalancing”


Ask @J.C or other Ludia staff.
We couldn’t even supposed to know.

This was posted on their fb page Nov. 10th so some time not too far in the future I guess… :smiley:

This could be as successful an update as flying creatures was, I’m so excited!