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Any word on modifying the cleric bone weapon

So cheap, I feel guilty winning with it

You could just stop using it.


Over the past year a number of items have been crippled by the developers. This has been unfavorable for newer players who are finding it increasingly difficult to complete explore mode of the various challenges. This is preventing many from competing in higher challenges which is hampering their progress.

As one example, many experienced players will recall when level 10 heroes equipped with a single level of the legendary ranger bow could easily complete explore mode in Lightfinger. This became impossible when the bow was crippled.

I believe nerfing another essential item would be extremely unfair to less experienced players. I would suggest it might make more sense to provide one of the endless number of additional upcoming heroes with the potential to counter the thighbone. This might reduce the effect of the thighbone in Battle Mode without impacting its use in explore and challenge modes.

[Edit: As per gpinsky’s comments below it appears the developer has already done what I am suggesting]


Joppa has a 3 turn stun effect (same duration as bone death ward) and a weapon that restores opponents so didn’t Ludia already do what you suggest?


Eh it feels cheap when I beat three opponents with only my cleric by respawning over and over but if that is how it intended to be, so be it.

Came here to post exactly that. They will not tell you what to do with the items they give to characters, but they are trying to address things imho. If druid comes up with some kind of enemy cleansing too bone will become even less a problem. For now only Nayeli and Joppa have the tools to deal with that (ok, only Joppa really), but I’m pretty sure things will change.

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I dislike nerfing and boosting items just because of complaints. We’re all playing the same game folks.