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Any word on next weeks fun


Waiting with baited breath! My breath really brings the dinosaurs to the yard and there better than yours

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Anything will be better than this week.


We will get a super hybrid next and itll be pternodon and concavenator and u will all cry for this week as itll be even stronger than green chicken and tryk :smiley:


I’m 75% sure it’s fierce week next week
credit to @Stormi_YT he’s live at the moment


also saw the picture on his youtube stream but it does not look like the previous 2 days off “new” schedule :slight_smile: but we will find out soon hopefully

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this is the other 25%,

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Wouldn’t mind a feirce week

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its just my wish, cause we wait since december for Irritator Gen 1. Lets cross the fingers

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% has officially increased by 1, now 76%


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Great now all I need is a couple of kents and I can have s Tryk

Unforkunately the game never gives you what you need! I really wish the developers would listen to the Stones song “You can’t always get what you want”


Apparently ludia forgot that exist 7 days in the week