Any word on this week epic Strike Events

Usually by now someone has posted something about it!

I completed it with only a level 22 indo. Nice rewards during all the stages

Details were just posted on metahub. Looks like it is much easier than some have been. It’s nice when more players are able to beat the epic ones.

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It was pretty easy compared to the previous towers we had :slight_smile: some fast dinos/damage reduction dinos will do the trick

Do we have any info on the lvl30 tower?

My little 22 pyrittor did the whole thing by her self! I am so proud!

She had a birthday now she’s 23

There was something on metahub Christmas page about a 30 Monolemetrodon and a 30 Charlie, not sure if it will be one or the other of those for sure though.

Hopefully :smiley: for those people don’t need much preparation or calculation :slight_smile:

I think you mean the master strike event thats out this saturday. There has been no leak yet and i hate not knowing lol

I believe that master strike event will be Rajakylo. Last time epic strike event was named Boss, we had to fight Rajakylo. It was far the easiest one.