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Any1 seen scolo?


Any1 seen scolo? Where should it spawn?


Havent heard anything yet… my guess is its either a park spawn or isnt spawning in the wild as of yet. Cause just about everything else has been seen.


It’s not currently in the game :confused:


I haven’t seen any of the new dinosaurs as yet sadly.

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Why would they not release it if it has a hybrid?

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Same, didn’t see any new dinos today. :frowning_face:


Exactly, why release an hybrid that requires it if its not in the game, i really hope this is not an SE only dino, but probably it is sadly…


I saw the new flyier today and got it, but not the others… pachy is incubator only, haven’t gotten one yet


ya, I caught a few Scapers today


I got the new pterosaur today from the Epic strike incubator. I hope they find their way into the wilds soon.


I saw 3 of the new pterosaurs, and one maiasaura at the park yesterday.


Saw it in local 2… I think it’s global since someone here posted he saw one at a park

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I saw a scaphognathus this morning–it was a on a highway, so I don’t know what zone.



She is from Local #1. I ran a scent capsule and she spawned couple of times. :smiley:
Fun using her in the friendly battles.

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According to metahub scolo is currently locked as a tournament reward creature.

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No New dinos today :frowning:

1000 money question.

Why launch a new update where you can’t either find the New dinos or make the new hybrids because lack of the material.

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Ahh roger that. Dang that’s really bad news, that’s even worse then being incubator exclusive. I’m already giving up on this dino and its hybrids then.

I can’t even do anything with most of the incubator exclusive hybrid dinos like Magna, and am super active. I don’t even see a point to exclusive tourney rewards unless they are gonna dump like 20k+ DNA or something.


Right? Hopefully the tournament payouts are a lot higher than the seasons, because 500 scolo ain’t gonna get me very far! :rofl:


Well 500 was for an epic so if we go by the alliance missions as a scale 500 epic is like 5k common… still not much


Lol yea, 5k common is enough to get it to like level 10