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Anybody collect scent capsules and not use them

I do, building my collection


same lol 10 characters

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I always want to have at least 1 of every scent left. the only one i will never have is the Lord Lythronax scent.


Yes. I try to keep one of each. Silly, but yeah…

Completely unintentional. I’m just too lazy to use them lol.


I like the way they look too…

Lol, I do too
But be careful, once you hit your limit they go to the garbage. You are not able to collect over the limit. I try to spend 1 each if the small & large everyday as we get them in our daily supply drops.

I just want to say that I love the Toronto Raptors :basketball:.

Don’t mind me, just carry on now :stuck_out_tongue:


I keep 1 of each

I have all the scents in the game, all the way back from the lord lythronax event

I try to keep a handful of the regular (like weekly strike) ones. Usually I keep one each, sometimes two if I’m not feeling like that kind of dino is useful at the moment. I am a little disappointed I missed some, but more disappointed that I used the last one of my winter scent. Wish I kept it…

I have at least one of every scent for collecting. Most I have 2. I do have 20 fisher theropod scents

I have 29 different scents at the moment - most 1/2 and some 2/2; will probably try and do at least all the 2/2s while I have 50,000+ darts

Well I use them, that’s what they’re for.

Same on my end. I usually keep at least one of each, just to have it XD