Anybody else having issues with the gps?

Error keeps popping up saying I need to grant permission to the app to use my location even when my location is on and has been working.


Me too but i dont know how to Fix it

Have you checked the app permission settings on your phone? Make sure it’s enabled in there for JWA.

YEP And still Nothing

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Try flicking your phone into Airplane mode for a few seconds, then back to normal.

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same her also cannot connect

Hey Dallas_Smith, I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your GPS, let me try and help you fix this.

First, let’s double check to see if the game is allowed to access your location. If you’re on an Android device you can check by going into your device’s Settings > Apps > JW Alive > permission Setting > and ensure Location access for Jurassic World™ Alive is turned on.

For iOS devices you can go to device’s Settings > Privacy > Location Services > JW Alive and select “Allow Location Access While Using the App.”

If you can see that the game has access to your location and you’re still having a problem, it might be because you’re in an area where there’s a bad GPS signal, I would recommend you try turning your location option off and then back on again and see if that helps.

If you are still having this issue afterwards, you can contact our support team, and they’ll be able to better assist you with this. You can email our staff here at, and remember to include your Support Key in the email too.

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The gps location is way off in my area. I live by the river & a park. Trying to get to one of the check points…it says im not close enough. Id have to be in the middle of the river :frowning: same when driving. It always shows me in the building’s & i miss most of the check points. Tells me to move closer but im directly where i need to be. Also moves & loads very slowly. Otherwise im enjoying the game. Just frustrating when i cant get to the things.

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Since this morning, I think there was a minor update, my game is not working properly.
More precisely, I feel like my gps is not workihg. I was in town, in park, but my location in the game remained same, even if I was moving (walking or driving, doesn´t matter how fast). If I wanted to refresh it to my current location I had to restart the game. But even then sometimes it put me in the river or something like that… It is unplayable
I tried some other apps which are using GPS if it is problem with my phone, but they worked properly (Google maps, or Waze).
I have Huawei P20 … Tried to restart it, doesn´t help. Can you check it please ?


My issue with GPS is that when I’m playing I’m all over the place. Where I’m suppose to be is not where the spot is at if that makes any sense. I’m not sure what to call the thing since its not an avatar. Also, when I’m moving it will not move it just stays in one spot. It so frustrating especially when you are looking for the rare dinos & epic dinos & you’re a passenger waiting for your turn to drive.

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@ChinMum, I have this problem much more when the device I’m playing on is not the one with the internet connection, often use a hotspot or WiFi and there’s no telling where I’ll show up but a fixed WiFi network doesn’t usually shift as much. When it does sometimes I can reach something that’s just out of range.

As nearly as I can tell this is a problem with the GPS data accurately making it into the app. Don’t have the resources to isolate the problem further but not all GPS is equal. If you can use tools to check your GPS and calibrate it better that could help. Most of them will show how accurate it is at that time. If the GPS itself is fine then contact your device Maker’s support team and try to get them to help figure out what’s going on. If everything that uses GPS is fine except JWA then spend quality time with both support teams.

Hope that helps

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I have noticed that I also have a problem when I play Pokemon Go. My avatar is all over the place too. A friend of mine who plays has the same issue with his phone-gps. I do appreciate the info & will look into the issue with the GPS/location on mine phome to see if that helps. It has been so frustrating since I know I’m missing the good creatures because of this issue. Thanks you for the advice, I’m hoping it will work :crossed_fingers:

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@ChinMum, since at least one other app is having the problem, it’s not JWA. I’m not familiar with coding but it seems likely that JWA and Poke Go use similar features of the device. Do you get a stable location with navigation or other apps that use GPS? If you do get a stable location except for certain apps, note the apps with the problem and contact device support. Screenshots or recordings might be helpful if you can manage them. Device support should be able to work with the various Devs to find and fix the problems. If nothing gets accurate location fixes, including features that came with the device, that’s definitely pointing to device support.

Note: A bit of history. When GPS first became available on mobile devices it was fairly common practice for it to be limited to apps from the maker or that had an agreement with the maker. Over the years the restrictions have mostly been lifted but some of the limiting code may still be lingering and causing the kind of jumps you’re having on certain device / OS / Firmware level combinations.

Note: As I said, I don’t know coding well but I’m really good at troubleshooting.

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I discovered that each type of phone has a version of battery optimizer. This is the main problem that causes GPS to not work. There is a setting in the options that seems like it turns it off, but there is a separate app that controls battery optimization that you need to find and turn it off for JW Alive. On my Note 4, it is called Smart Manager, but on future versions of Android it is called something else. Google your phone’s model with the words battery optimization and see how to turn it off and that should fix your GPS issues.

Hi…I am having this exact same problem now…done everything you did. I have a Huawei P10.
Did you get it sorted?

just today my GPS seems to not move along with me. it jumps from point-to-point rather than smooth moving distance. GPS settings is normal, no battery saving mode. is there something going on with the game or is this just my phone?

I am having same GPS problem as others Huawei phone user, I am using Huawei phone P20. I think this game may have compatibility problem with Huawei CPU.

I have this problem too, the gps doen’t work, I move but the map is still unless I refresh the game manually, then it stay still again untill I do this thing again. I tried everything possible from reinstalling the app to modify the gps settings but nothing changed. The gps on my phone works fine, google maps doesn’t have this issue. I even contacted the support team three times more than a week ago but I received no answer. An upgrade just to fix bugs is really neaded.

That should help :wink:


It did the job. Now the GPS is working as it should.

But the location of the settings in the device is hard to find.
You can go in Android settings app or googles settinga. Find the location settings.
Now you see a page with alot of apps and there is information of power load.
You are in the right place.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page, there you will find four google settings.
Click on them and one of them will have the Location Acurrent set to on.
set it to off en JW will work as normal again.