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Anybody else notice this?

Looking at the 1.9 start up screen, it seems to me that the scarring on the indo G2’s leg looks like lettering. Can anybody else make it out, or am I just seeing things?


I believe it’s just stripes, but if I stare at it long enough I might start seeing letters. Lol :sweat_smile:

I dont know about the rest but it really does look like an e at the end.

I was thinking the same thing! :rofl:

For the longest time I thought that the indo G2 was Blue. :confused:

I think that’s just paradolia giving you the impression that the stripes are letters.

Happy cake day!

To OP, I see stripes, not letters. Maybe its wrinkles from the muscles or something?

You’re probably right about this :laughing:

Having known a couple artists who actually got a little pay for their work, it is very possible you are right.

Both of them often hid things in their images such as a signature that wouldn’t ruin the work or even be noticed.

It’s the same as seeing figures in the clouds in the sky. Your eyes see what they want to see.

I just think Indo is very small compare to the I-rex on the screen.

Maybe it’s in russian :laughing:

I’ve seen the same thing in stretch marks :wink:

It’s a number… 11114

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