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Anybody else?


I assume we all have been asked to do the survey for like daily missions and what not. It wouldnt let me go on until i answered what i thought could improve the daily mission. And i came up with this on the spot and i reread it and i was like that’s actually not bad. Any way just wanted to share
---- My Answer ----
Some sort of lottery. After completing all daily missions. Add another mission upon collecting reward. And this mission isnt impossible but should be difficult. Upon completing it you earn an egg lets say. And put that egg in a roulette wheel along with all other members of your alliance. When ever the allotted time is up say like 12 or 18 hours. The wheel automatically spins. And all the eggs hatch with different prizes. And which ever prize has the most duplicates. All players who completed the mission earn that reward


Oh I can’t even do the survey… I tried to but ‘an error’ occured… lol


I got the same to start with but a couple hours later the link worked.


Same here, got an error, reloaded and it worked