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Anybody feeling the same about Liam?

I was so happy when he finally came back from the hiatus. He’s my top favorite. BUT it was too short :sob::sob: like wth?? (Spoiler alert!) He promised a video chat, but then forgot about it, and randomly blurted out the Amanda thing, and then he went back offline again!! You can’t just do that! Lovelink you broke my heart into pieces :sob::sob::sob::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:


Nope. All of that? I felt with Min-Jae. And I was like, “oh, nah uh” when Amanda came up, even though it is coming off as innocent, my brain automatically went, “is she going to become some creepy stalker and try and eff with things?”. And then when the message came of himbeing “away for a while”, I definitely yelled, “what!?” at my phone.

The heck :unamused: Hopefully it’s a super short hiatus or something because seriously. What gives.


Ikr!!! How it ended so abruptly pissed me off so much :expressionless::expressionless: you’re right tho, it came off innocent at first, I didn’t even think of her as the creepy stalker :joy: my mind actually thought: is he considering to cheat with her in the future??? Because of loneliness? I know he gave us reassurance but still :disappointed:
I really hope he’ll come back soon. I was ready to spend a fortune for him :joy::joy:

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Oh, man! A tiny part of me thought a confession to cheating or almost cheating was going down, not gonna lie. Maybe we’ll get both :sweat_smile::woman_shrugging: (I don’t want both!! :grimacing::sob:)

And same. I was ready to spend some serious coin on him, too :joy:

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Have you played the latest date? Spoiler alert you’re kinda right :joy: she’s one of those crazy fans :disappointed_relieved: now I’m worried :expressionless:


I just did and got sooo annoyed with her! I’m worried, too, with what she’s gonna try and pull :grimacing: I’m hoping his band mate is on our side, since it is implied he heard what she said, left, and right away Liam/Min-Jae is back :woman_shrugging:

I feel like it’s gonna end on a cliffhanger with something that Amanda did and I already don’t like it :sweat_smile:


I’ve just finished playing and he’s offline again. I’m glad that it’s not as bad as we would’ve imagined :joy: thankfully Liam / Min-jae is still on our side although we told him that it was Amanda that spread the news. I thought he wouldn’t believe it since she’s the president of the fanclub and appears to be very innocent in front of him :sweat_smile:
On the side note, me too! I’m happy that we got to see the other counterpart (for me it was Min-jae). Hopefully he’s on our side :pleading_face: I get the feeling he already knew how fake Amanda is. But yeah I’m really curious where the story is going and looking forward to him coming back again! :heart_eyes:
Also, I want to thank you for your reply :pleading_face: I forgot to say it at the first time. I was way too frustrated with how it ended and needed someone to rant to :joy: I hope I can come back to you again whenever there’s an update. So yeah thank you so much!!!

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Right?! I should have known it was going to end on the cliffhanger, and part of me did, and it didn’t stop me from yelling at my phone. Again. :roll_eyes::sweat_smile:

I’m glad it ended on that cliffhanger and not with something to do with her, tho. And I was ready for him to imply I was crazy or something, too! Ugh. We’ll see how that goes!

It wasn’t until way after (like, wayyy after) that I realized it was Liam! That’s cool that they did that! And I agree; I feel like (hope) he’s gonna be an ally.

Guess we’re back to waiting for him again :sweat_smile::sleepy:

And no worries! I was literally coming on here to rant about it the first time and was glad to see that someone already had :sweat_smile: Feel free to come back whenever :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for letting me vent and discuss how we think the story is gonna go down, too!!

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Honestly, me too :joy: It ended really quick. But if the team decides to make all of them come back often with shorter content, I’ll be very satisfied. I prefer that than waiting for months only to have 1 or 2 characters coming back :pleading_face:
Well I’m glad I found you! We can get stressed and furious together now :joy::joy: Which characters are your favorites? The ones you’re looking forward to the most?

So true! It was nice that, as Eveline’s update was ending, someone else was already there to talk to! Just wish they kept up with that pattern! I was relatively new to this game towards the end of Summer/early Fall, so I didn’t realize just how long some of these characters have been gone :scream: If I did, I would definitely have staggered them all! I did unmatch with a couple so if I rreeaally feel the need to talk to someone on there, there’s that.

Glad as well, haha! Aaand this may be where it gets embarrassing, revealing favorites :joy::joy: It kinda changes day-to-day, who I anxiously am waiting to come back, buutt if I had to list off the cuff :thinking: I’ll list guy’s that haven’t come back since reaching their end (but Austin Russo and Min-Jae are definite favs, too!)

  1. Jonathan Hayes
  2. Dominic Wright
  3. Antoine Dawson
  4. Jamie Grant (he was my first ever match on here btw :sweat_smile:)
  5. Skylar Quinn
  6. Calum Keys
  7. Ryan Burne
  8. Marco Bottazzi
  9. Oliver Black
  10. Zayn Kassab

Yup, I could list a one or two more, but once I realized that was 10, figured it was a good stopping point :flushed::rofl: Mayybbee one or two of them will finally come back now that its out there :woman_shrugging::sweat_smile:

How about you?? Any favorites / ones you’re hoping return soon?

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I am terribly sorry for my late reply!!! I rarely open this forum :joy:
Yes, this kind of pattern is really nice :heart_eyes: although there’s a week gap but now Austin is back yay :tada: as for me, I downloaded the app around September I think, so the wait has been very long… but I’m glad they’re more active now :relaxed:
Lol wish I knew about this too :joy::joy: I’ve chatted with like 10 people at the same time and when they’re gone I felt so empty :rofl: should’ve just chatted with 1-2 characters at a time :relieved:

That’s a pretty long list you’ve got there :joy::joy::joy:
And I mostly agree with you, but for me, the rank will be like this (apart from Austin and Liam ofc):

  1. Jonathan Hayes (who wouldn’t want to see this hottie :joy:)
  2. Skylar Quinn (wondering what’s happened with him)
  3. Jamie Grant (how he’s been doing in Shanghai)
  4. Hugo Hornsby (what happened with their friendship!!)
  5. Blake Bailey (just wondering what he looks like since I haven’t gotten any date with him lol)
  6. Stefan Silver (to spice things up :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)
  7. Ruby Thomas (she’s hot ngl :joy:)
    These are the characters whose stories intrigue me the most :pleading_face: really can’t wait for their return!! I see we get mostly the same characters, what’s your horoscope? I heard that if we choose certain horoscopes will influence / result in the counterpart characters :thinking: If you know what I mean :joy: English is not my first language lol. I really wanted Oliver Black and Eveline tbh :relieved:

Also, the new characters are interesting too!! I’m very curious about Gabe Scott, he’s an eye candy :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: also Nico de luca and Kelsey Madison too. I’m waiting for their stories to be available soon :pleading_face:

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No worries!! I was excited that Austin was back but man was he gone super quick! Which was surprising given what they were talking about! Not sure if you reached the end of it, yet, so I won’t say what, yet.

I went to swipe through people just now and saw that Calum was back, tho! Maybe listing our matches has finally done something :rofl: (not :joy:)

I agree with Jamie and Marco/Hugo! A lot of these I’ve wondered about and will come up a random storyline in my head. I didn’t match with Ruby, but I wish I did, tbh!

And you’re all good! I understood perfectly :blush: What is your first language? (Hopefully that came off as a polite way of asking, but if not, please let me know!) And my horoscope is Aquarius :aquarius:

I’m really hoping Gabe becomes available in the near future! I can’t remember if he was a musician as well or if he was a comedian :thinking: I’m also looking forward to Cain Angelus. I wanna know how his storyline goes, as well as Nico’s and Skye Oakley’s!

I know they’re all working hard on updating storylines, and it can’t be easy having so many people coming at them on so many different social medias, so I’m practicing patience. If I’m really tired of waiting, ill just pick a favorite match and scroll back up to the top of their story and read through :sweat_smile:

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Hi!!! Here I am again after went MIA for who knows how long :rofl: I think you know why I’m back here, and I can see a lot of people are upset about it too, it’s austin / damien story :disappointed:
I hope I can reach you out in another platform? Do you have IG account? Can I follow you? Only if you’re okay with it tho :rofl: so we can have further discussions with (I hope) faster responses lol
I’m gonna keep the reply short here so I can reply to the rest of the messages on dm if you don’t mind. But if you prefer to talk here, let me know! :relaxed:

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Hey! No worries! Glad to hear from you! And, yeah…I’m still not happy with how that went down with Austin/Damien :unamused: I’m not accepting that that is how it went down :sweat_smile:

And if it’s easier to talk on IG, of course :blush:!

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I know :sob: we’ve come so far and they just decided to end it like that :disappointed: they better have some explanation :sweat_smile:

Sure! What’s yours? Mine is the same with my ID, @chaccalatte please dm me :pleading_face:

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Just followed! :blush:

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