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Anybody got a big rexy

T-rex isn’t meant to fight distracting dinos. It is definitely a threat to others though.


Doesnt matter. Same level thor would beat it anyway do to instant, even if it was slower, which most at that level probably arent.

Brutus can beat Thor if Thor doesn’t crit. We all know how rare that situation is though. Most Thors i fight are 135 speed. I’m starting to see higher ones maybe once a week at most. The next tier is hardly worth it though unless they’re just boosting it to beat Brutus. Everything meant to beat Thor is gonna be well above the 140s

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Themaxx maxxed boosts on brutus the rexy xD

Not yet, but maybe one day. Currently it has tier 7/8/7 boosts. I’m just saving boosts right now though. Only using speed on my fast ones.


proceratho is ready


I never thought I would be using a Wayne’s World gif someday. Lol :rofl::t_rex:

Buffed Rexy gets my ultimate respect, but I still dont want to face her. :grimacing:


My Rexy is pretty big

Congratulations on your big Rexy and happy cake day!

I did watch TheMaxx with his rexx on YouTube, and everything get wipe out by his rexx, not even thor can withstand

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Brutus has a brother! Thought this was themaxx but it was some other player.


That is all tier 9 Rex…

It whooped me pretty hard, outspeeding my whole drawn team except an already weakened rinex

That’s impressive. Very wasteful, but very impressive. They will probably struggle with rank though since they’re all in on t-rex. I’ve done the math and using that many boosts isn’t really worth it right now. Their speedsters are gonna suffer for a long time. I almost boosted Brutus to t8 speed but took Magna to t8 instead. I was very tempted to just keep going with Brutus but i had to force myself to make the smarter choice. If i add more attack to Brutus, it literally doesn’t make a difference. He would hit harder but it wouldn’t kill anything that he’s not killing right now unless i boosted multiple tiers and ignore the rest of my team.

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This is probably why this player is still in aviary, and not up where you are! Didn’t really get to see much of the rest of the team, and didn’t pay any attention at all to whatever Dino they threw out first. The shock value on this beast was incredible tho.


Yeah that’s pretty crazy. I wish i could watch some videos of that thing in action.


Boost his health again!!! That is sick I love your vids by the way

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Thanks for watching them! I’ve thought about boosting it some more but I don’t know if it will make a difference. The next tiers don’t offer much and probably won’t help him survive anything that he can’t survive with the current tiers. I’ve gotta keep a close eye on the attack and health of my opponents’ dinos to see what needs to be boosted at this point. From what I’ve noticed so far, boosting more won’t change anything. Except speed. It’s just a speed war now.


I totally agree

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Give him a friend like Rex gen 2 :blush: