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Anybody has the same experience s like me that after the tournament ended you've losen continuously


From 4040 now drawn back to 37XX. Like I face high level dinosaurs and got critical hits soooo many times. Bored of bots dinosaurs.
[screenshot removed]


Now I’m down to 3737


And 3703 now… //Laughing to myself


I actually have been winning since,weirdly. i ended the tournament at 4026 and now i am 4117


I’ve been going down since just before it ended. Started Sunday morning. I went from 38XX, now I’m down 34XX. It’s unreal. I can’t seem yo do anything right all of a sudden.


7 in a row and still counting (before maintenance)


Ended tournament just over 4k, now up to 4.2k… :man_shrugging:


Same …
pre: 44XX,
tournament end: 40XX,
now: 41XX~42XX


I do feel the teams have become stronger and people have put more efforts/invested more at the end of the tournament to secure a good spot.

Stopped playing 2 days before end: 49XX (win ratio 2-1)
Now: 48XX (win ratio 1-3)


I didn’t start battling again until this morning - Tourney - maxed out a little over 4200, finished just above 4k - now back above 4100 (I think - can’t check right now…)


I can’t reach 3600, before or after the tournament. I’ll reach 3500 to 3530 and then it puts me on a losing streak, bumps me down to 3100 or 3200 then will let me win again until I get around 3500 again give or take 30 points. It’s a cycle I’m getting tired of. Anyone else have this problem?


Funny, I was > 4,300 before the tournament ended and am now going down, down, down… nearing the swamp, if this continues I’ll be in the training grounds soon :open_mouth: