Anybody missing being VIP?

I just gave up my VIP account. And it kicked in about 2 days ago.

The only thing miss is having a longer time at darting. That’s it. Yeah my average darting DNA has gone down.

But I still get all my supply drops. Just need to walk a bit more to collect them.

Other than getting less time for darting, it’s been no problem being non VIP.

Note - I just hate those regular ads asking me to rejoin the dark side.

No I won’t. Hold me back. Don’t let me go to the dark side.


I got back my VIP after realising how different non-VIP is to VIP. The VIP deals are.nice too though i only go.for the 10k HC ones are not worth it.

Not letting Lootya cheat me.into buying their 350 dart packs for normal darting sessions or.just to use a.20.min scent. The increased range for darting does help.


I’ve given it up a couple of times but then always renewed; it makes enough difference for me - I max the drops every day but some days time is short and I don’t think I would if I wasn’t VIP; I hunt enough that the increased DNA is invaluable. More benefits would be nice but they are just enough for me.

I’ve been a VIP since launch and it has only lapsed a couple times when payday was delayed. When it has been delayed the difference has been noticeable. The extra time and range is worth it in my opinion.

Really? I feel the range and time for non vip is still ok.

For my playstyle I would miss it immediately.
I tend to buy all boosts and cash sales and after the last advantage tournament i now need coins again. LOL
The savings I get from exclusive offers as of late more than pays for the VIP subscription cost… Now if they will just give us a VIP coin sale.

I gave up mine many months ago. No regrets whatsoever. It’s a grinding game anyway (so shortcut help, but we will all get were we want eventually) and I was not happy with some of the things Ludia did (plus the fact that we still have bugs that are more than 1 year old…) For a business that is making millions with this game, it should definitively be TOP shape. Basically, I’m letting my wallet talk. Who knows, if I’m still playing in a year, and they finally hire good programmers, then maybe I’ll become a VIP again.


Yeah. I should have done this long time ago.

Don’t really miss it. I did get used to the increased radius. That took a while to come to terms with after i cancelled.

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Maybe I’m just used to it but on those couple rare occasions when I haven’t had it, I’ve noticed how much better and more useful it is to have both that extra range and time.

I was VIP for a recent while. 5 months, maybe? I wanted to get sped up in progression. Everything was taking forever. I was maybe level 18 when I started.
Now I’m only missing 10 hybrids, I have a nice military, and it’s not common for dinos I want more of to be showcased. And when they are, I’m usually busy.
I don’t regret signing up for VIP, and I don’t have any urge to go back right now. I got what I wanted, and now it’s served its purpose.

I’m generally VIP in any game I play, I do it as a way to support development for games I enjoy, was VIP in JWA from literally day 1 coz I knew I was love dinosaurs, did drop it at 1.7 launch when they wrecked darting but got the VIP back when they reverting to the better classic darting (seriously don’t try fix what isnt broken).

However after all my repeated calls for alliance chat to be fixed, and Draco to be balanced (it had that madness that was swap in defense shattering rampage back then) I got fed up with the unfixed issues and dropped VIP and never got it back, because none of the money was going to improve the product.

And I stand by that choice because even now 6 months later the bugs I wanted fixed still arent fixed, so why support an unsupported game?


don’t miss it. It’s def. NOT worth 10 bucks a month as it is

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It’s unfortunate that we no longer support a game that we once loved. as you said, why support one that doesn’t support itself by fixing prevalent issues.

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