Anylos Lux bug

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Bug Description: New Apex Akylos Lux has quite a lot of bugs.

Area is was found in: PVP, raids.

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Play a raid
Step 2 - Play a PVP
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: Every time

What type of device are you using: Android

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

Before that, I have reported the similar bugs of Ankylomoloch in the games support in the previous patch. However, this patch has a more buggy creature appears so I have to address it here.

Anylos Lux has given a new move Hostile Glow and it is very buggy. Similar to the last patch of Taunting Resilient Group Impact bug from Ankylomoloch, this new move was meant to be Targeting all opponents, whereas it doesn’t happened in raids and in PVP.

Here is the video I made for experiment the buggy new Apex : Bug Report : Jurassic World Alive - Ankylos Lux (Hostile Glow in raid) - YouTube
You can see although Hostile Glow gives the team 50% shields, it only targets single opponents. Besides, if you look carefully, this move deal vulnerable effects to target FIRST, then go for the 1.5x attack. As we know this move is a similar move of Resilient Impact, which does damage first and deal vulnerable effect later on. In addition, the taunt effect also appears in the raid after shielding up, while the description shows no taunt ability should applied.
(I personally thinks not applying taunt is the difference between Hostile Glow and Taunting Resilient Group Impact, in raid perspective, taunting the Akylos Lux might makes it got stunned by some creatures as it doesn’t have any stun resistance, and the immobilized Akylos Lux could not perform its position in the raid.)

And in PVP situation, another “move”, the on escape ability Shielded Alert Stun has is also bugged. From this video : Bug Report : Jurassic World Alive - Ankylos Lux (in PVP) - YouTube , you can see Anylos Lux used 50% shield when secure (and possibly 100% chance stunned) and used 100% shield when threatened (and possibly 33% chance stunned, and it lands). They are reversed from the description in the game.
However, with reference to its parent creature Ankylomoloch, the Stunning Alert of it is to have 100% stunning chance in secure and 33% stunning chance in threatened. Therefore, I personally think the situation in Anylos Lux should be the description has been wrongly reversed, while it function correctly actually.

(And just curious that how many people have noticed these bugs?)

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Bug Description:
Ankylo Lux’s hostile glow not hitting all member in flocks , while descriptions says target all opponents

Area is was found in:

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Almost 3 weeks, no single response from any
responsible person.

I’ve played Bumpy Lux for a short time, but I noticed the non-existent 100% stunning chance. I was in secure state and did not stun the rival’s Diora… I was so shocked that the stun must have worked on me instead of the game…

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Recently there are too many errors in the moveset. Ludia seems not care at all.