Anyone actually had a refund?

Interested to know has anyone actually successfully had a refund from Google/Apple for ingame purchases? Contradicting their own terms of service possibly warrants a refund?


I did. Explained the inaction that was taken as a result of this past weekend and Google refunded three charges immediately. It went back to my bank already. Probably going to be quite a few players doing this now since their announcement.


Thanks for the reply. Why only three? If you don’t mind me asking… Was this ingame purchases or your VIP prescription or both?

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I dumped the VIP a couple months ago when I saw what direction everything was going and the three were purchases made this weekend. I’m not going to reward their inability to manage a company like Fred Flintstone.


How did you do it? Through Google Play or talk to the Developer of the game?

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iTunes will go back a lot further. Not only ask for your money back but speak to someone there about this developer being on the site. Have everything copied that you need to send then including what they consider cheating and what they did about it.


I tried. They denied me instantly

I have sent my requesting (Pending 48hours) two fellow alliance members were refused straight away.

Edit: What Sean said lol

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I got a lot of money refunded from google ages ago when spoofers were allowed to play in the tournaments, just not rank. Tried this time and got the straight away “no”. (Through google’s automated system). Didn’t spend nearly as much this time so am going to let it slide and hope that boosts get removed and hard cash refunded.

Will await apples response. This doesn’t relate to cheating but those going for a refund due to the ‘massive change in the game’ surely this will be a stumbling block?

We may modify virtual items at our sole discretion, and such modifications may make the virtual items more or less common, valuable, effective, or functional.

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Followup on refused refund requests via :

with a short personal message explaining the situation, including dates and times of payments.

Reply to any replies.


Hopefully there is an apple version of this…

For the Play Store - I believe that after 24 hours, the refund is up to the discretion of the developer?

That’s what I was told a while ago when my 6 year old son spent $2200 on Hungry Shark World.

We got all back apart from a single $220 transaction which a friend at Google called ‘The Idiot Tax’ :slight_smile:

I submitted a letter to the address you posted and got this in response -

To what address did you initially write?

Hey there! How far back will Apple go? And is it different for someone from the US compared to say Canada? Thank you for any advice

I don’t know if there is a difference between Canada and the US. Says 90 days but obviously going to try to go further. More important to me then getting money back is contacting them both about this dev.

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just double checked and that was address in the FROM in gmail history and in headers

submitted a refund request thru play store, gave reason etc.
auto email says NO refund soz
replied to that email with a personal detailed response etc.
someone called A**** from ‘The Google Support Team’ replied from that address with refund details
i replied to that email from A**** thanking her.

Guess just reply to the NO email from them to get a human to review the refund?

edit: the google support FAQs say 48 hours then you need to contact developer direct for refund.


I had to go through way too much to share this… I couldn’t put the number in a message, it got hidden… So good luck…


I went through Google and was denied and Ludia won’t respond to email so I have now disputed it all with PayPal… Awaiting their response.