Anyone actually had a refund?

Go to the website you see here. It literally took me 30 seconds to explain why i wanted it refunded and it happened immediately


Would you mind saying what you wrote? A few people have been refused already. Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve tried a few times and it immediately says no

They hid my reply, as usual. I’ve contacted my bank and Google… They don’t deserve our money after this fiasco.

I said they violated their own terms of agreement by not punishing exploiters. It clearly states exploiting bugs is considered cheating. I also mentioned how they just announced they would do nothing. Said it was unfair they collected money when they knew what was happening and did nothing.




Ludia won’t respond to me either in fact they are probley inundated with complaint and refund emails

Thank you for creating this thread cos I have been facing this issue regarding the purchase of the Easter Incubator 2 weeks back!

Basically, this is what I have sent Ludia thus far.

I am requesting refunds for the in game purchases that i made today with regards to the Springs Nest Protectors Incubator that was on offer in the game. Basically, I tried purchasing it the first time and the screen hung on me so I thought that perhaps it was a connection error and that I closed the app and restarted it again.

However, i saw that I could still make the full attempts to purchase it and subsequently tried again for another 4 times which I realized was rather foolish of me as i encountered the same error each time of having the screen freeze on me after the purchase has been verified and no incubator appeared in the game at all.

Even after closing and restarting the app multiple times, I still did not receive any incubator rewards and can still see the full attempts to purchase it on the home screen of the game.

Really frustrating to know that Ludia is not responding to our emails for help and all

Approved today -


Was this payment for newley transactions in the game? (Green money, coins?)
Or VIP ?

Not for my VIP payments (which I have now cancelled) but for purchases in late April/May.

Thanks for clarificarion!

Haven’t bought anything for some time.

And my VIP is also gone.

Well google told me to talk to Ludia, and Ludia said they wouldn’t refund a dime… Basically they don’t feel that there’s anything wrong with the game that they haven’t addressed…


Refund few times, this is the latest one.

That’s good decision to refund last payments. I call on everybody to do it. For such awful work Ludia doesn’t deserve its salary.

Too sad that I have nothing to refund for last 5 months.


“I hope this will bring a smile on your face.”

I got back several hundred dollars after complaining that I spent money to raise my team to compete in the tournament, only to find cheaters were allowed, despite Ludia claiming they weren’t.
Kept the loot, still playing, they only zeroed my remaining hard cash.



So one should spend all that hard cash before trying the refund thing. Roger that! :wink:


Just got my:

I have requested refunds for all my HC purchases since 1.7. I got 3 refunds and 3 declines?! I detailed out the defects, bugs and exploits and cheater rewards, including dates. Same for all, not sure why some got rejected and others not.

I will consider asking for refunds for historic bundles purchases I did as DNA is not longer a relevant part of the game now boosts are in. But I will wait to see if they roll back boosts for good by 1.8 or not.